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figure on

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phrasal verb

informal North American
  • figure on somethingCount or rely on something happening or being the case in the future.

    • ‘anyone thinking of salmon fishing should figure on paying $200 a day’
    • ‘I wasn't expecting another plane, I figured on a car to take us to Hot Springs,’ Muriel said.’
    • ‘We weren't counting how many people would be bereft if we died, because we weren't figuring on dying.’
    • ‘I had figured on being serious at some points - writing my usual novel length posts about life and the world - but this has been much more entertaining for me.’
    • ‘Protecting the nation from a dictator was not something they figured on having to do when they were planning to build a new nation.’
    • ‘I had figured on Sunday being the busy drive day - I guess I wasn't alone in that assessment.’
    • ‘They figured on holding the auditions in three days, depending on how many people responded.’
    • ‘She was figuring on getting a tree and since we have one and haven't used it in two years I figured maybe she could borrow it,’ Alison said.’
    • ‘Mom, about the slumber party how many guests were you figuring on?’
    • ‘I was figuring on leaving the leftovers in the break room in case anyone wanted a snack.’
    • ‘I was sure it wouldn't matter to him that I was figuring on ditching her as soon as I was let out.’
    plan on, calculate on, count on, rely on, bank on, bargain on, depend on, pin one's hopes on
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