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  • 1A slender threadlike object or fiber, especially one found in animal or plant structures.

    • ‘each myosin filament is usually surrounded by 12 actin filaments’
    fibre, thread, strand, tendril
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    1. 1.1Botánica The slender part of a stamen that supports the anther.
    2. 1.2Astronomía A slender, elongated body of luminous gas or other material in the sun’s atmosphere, a nebula, or interstellar space.
  • 2A conducting wire or thread with a high melting point, forming part of an electric bulb or vacuum tube and heated or made incandescent by an electric current.

    cord, rope, string, cable, wire, thread, twine, strand, filament, ligature
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/ˈfiləmənt/ /ˈfɪləmənt/


Late 16th century from French, or from modern Latin filamentum, from late Latin filare ‘to spin’, from Latin filum ‘thread’.