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transitive verb

[with object]
  • 1Cause (a space or container) to become full or almost full.

    ‘I filled the bottle with water’
    • ‘the office was filled with reporters’
    become full, make full, fill up, fill to the brim, fill to overflowing, charge, load, load up, pack
    crowd, throng, pack, pack into, jam, occupy all of, press into, squeeze into, cram, cram into
    stock, pack, load
    block up, bung up, stop, stop up, plug, seal, caulk, close, clog, clog up, choke, obstruct, occlude, dam up
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    1. 1.1no object Become full.
      • ‘Elinor's eyes filled with tears’
    2. 1.2Insert material to block or close (a gap or opening)
      ‘road engineers planned to fill the hole with concrete’
      • ‘he said the scheme would fill a gap in the market’
    3. 1.3Block up (a cavity in a tooth) with cement, amalgam, or gold.
    4. 1.4Nautical (of the wind) blow into (a sail), causing it to curve outwards.
    5. 1.5Nautical no object (of a sail) curve out tautly from its supports as the wind blows into it.
  • 2Become an overwhelming presence in; pervade.

    ‘a pungent smell of garlic filled the air’
    • ‘smoke filled the room’
    pervade, spread through, spread throughout, permeate, suffuse, be diffused through, diffuse through, imbue, penetrate, pass through, infuse, perfuse, extend throughout, be disseminated through, flow through, run through, saturate, impregnate
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    1. 2.1Occupy or take up (a period of time)
      ‘the next few days were filled with meetings’
      • ‘I had to find something to do to fill my time this summer’
    2. 2.2Cause (someone) to experience a strong emotion or feeling.
      • ‘his presence filled us with foreboding’
  • 3Appoint a person to hold (a vacant post)

    • ‘the board contacted him to say they had already filled the position’
    1. 3.1Hold and perform the expected duties of (a post or role)
      ‘he had filled the post in an acting capacity for some time’
      • ‘she fills the role of the “good” child’
      occupy, hold, take up, be in, have
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    2. 3.2Satisfy or fulfil (a want or need)
      • ‘community land trusts are a way to fill the pressing need for housing’
      carry out, complete, fulfil, execute, perform, implement, discharge, bring about
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  • 4mainly North American Be supplied with the items described in (a prescription or order)

    • ‘she needed to fill a prescription’
  • 5(in poker) complete (a good hand) by drawing the necessary cards.



/fil/ /fɪl/


  • 1one's fillAn amount of something which is as much as one wants or can bear.

    ‘we have eaten our fill’
    • ‘I've had my fill of surprises for one day’
    • ‘Once you have had your fill of plain smoked salmon with brown bread and butter, think about using it in cooking.’
    • ‘As far as I'm concerned I've had my fill of Tim.’
    • ‘Well I've had my fill of fairness this afternoon.’
    • ‘And after 4 winters in New York, I've pretty much had my fill of snow.’
    • ‘Having had our fill of the Garden Route we're driving back west again.’
    • ‘When Broome finally had his fill of comics and moved overseas to stay, Julie missed him terribly.’
    • ‘I hate to say it, but Milan can be a bit boring once you've had your fill of the Cathedral.’
    • ‘But they had done that before, been there, tasted it and had their fill of it.’
    • ‘By the time I left I thought I had my fill of LA but since then every trip back has rekindled my love for the place.’
    • ‘As exciting as that is, it leaves fans here at home wondering when they'll be able to get their fill of the willowy musician.’
    • ‘As you can see, the place will be rammed, so get there early for your fill of roots, dancehall and such.’
    • ‘Can't recommend this enough if you've had your fill of shallow popcorn movies.’
    • ‘Rather than getting your fill of the excitement and sticking it to the back of your CD rack, you'll be coming back to this…’
    • ‘I suggested this to a friend who replied that she'd had her fill of watching the paint dry the first time around and didn't want to go through it again.’
    • ‘I have just about had my fill of commentators who don't like their country, don't like the world, and don't much care for the human race.’
    • ‘Sometimes, when you've had your fill of something or someone, it's nice to have a bit of a break.’
    • ‘For those who haven't had their fill of entertainment, it is worth noting that the next Bank Holiday weekend is only 25 days away.’
    • ‘Two other friends go to the nuclear waste, have a grand old time, eat their fill, and then suddenly explode.’
    • ‘If you still haven't had your fill of culture you can give your holiday an extra dimension by sailing across the Mediterranean - to Egypt.’
    • ‘Blair had eaten her fill of the good warm food from the kitchens, wonderful food.’
    enough, sufficient, plenty, ample, as much as necessary, all one wants, a sufficiency, an abundance, as much as one can take, more than enough
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  • 2An amount of something which will occupy all the space in a container.

    ‘ a fill of tobacco’
    • ‘7.48 A.M. I drop my brother off at Newlands Cross and get a fill of petrol in the station there.’
    • ‘Just £15 will buy you a fill of Perfect Storm - a heady mix of compressed air, nitrous oxide and gaseous caffeine.’
    • ‘The vouchers can be used to buy clothes, tyres, a fill of oil, groceries, electrical goods - the list goes on and on.’
    1. 2.1Material, typically loose or compacted, which fills a space, especially in building or engineering work.
      ‘loose polystyrene fill’
      • ‘It comes in lightweight easy-to-handle bags and should be used in the same manner as loose fill or cellulose.’
      • ‘Another method is to pour or blow in loose fill or cellulose insulation up to the joists for an even surface.’
      • ‘Suitable material was used as required for building highway fill.’
      • ‘In addition, the DOT has not explained the seismic risk to a tunnel built in loose fill versus a new elevated structure.’
      • ‘The fill was compacted in layers of 25 cm using a vibratory compactor of 2 tons capacity.’
      • ‘This would have the advantage of compacting the existing shaft fill.’
      • ‘They added fill by the house to make a fairly level garden up top, and then nudged and added stone to build retaining walls and steps.’
      • ‘On the east side of the building, a double retaining wall supports leveling fill between the wall and bedrock.’
      • ‘Some spots required engineered fill to depths of up to 3 m, but for the most part the site was composed of silty clay and fragmented rock.’
      • ‘The project would require approximately 1 square mile of fill and tons of dredging.’
      • ‘Where intersected by wells, the canyon fill is seen to comprise two distinctive units.’
      • ‘Hundreds of thousands of hectares and over 700 km of streams have been covered by this 'valley fill'.’
      • ‘Quaternary sedimentary fill testifies to recent subsidence of the basin.’
      • ‘Most of the sedimentary fill of the Chiang Mai basin lies beneath a blanket of Quaternary floodplain deposits.’
      • ‘The limestone grades laterally into calcareous siltstone of the canyon fill.’
      • ‘But loose fill, like sand, usually washes out before plants can root.’
      • ‘Gravel, sand, small rock and wood chips are all types of loose fill.’
      • ‘Postholes disturbed the burial pit, but their fill did not contain sherds or bones.’
      • ‘The fill also contained a large number of restorable vessels, with an unusually high incidence of Mycenaean imports.’
      • ‘‘We have looked at it in the last week or so and I am aware of some minor movement in the fill of the crater,’ he said.’
    2. 2.2The action of filling something, especially of shading in a region of a computer graphics display.
      ‘In many cases, its playable image quality surpassed the GeForce 6800 Ultra thanks to its superior fill rate and memory bandwidth.’
      • ‘In looking at fill rate performance, we're looking at two things: pixel fill rate, and texture fill rate.’
      • ‘It has an eight-pixel pipeline, as does the S8, capable of a 2.4 billion pixels per second fill rate.’
      • ‘Non-visible pixels are not shaded leading to 2-3x fill rate compared to other solutions at the same bandwidth.’
      • ‘So my memory bandwidth would be greater, but my fill rate wouldn't be.’
      • ‘This more than doubles the total potential pixel fill rate from 533 million pixels per second to about 1.3 gigapixels per second.’
      • ‘Remember, the gradient fill affects the transparency of the upper layer.’
      • ‘Cache miss buffer adapted to satisfy read requests to portions of a cache fill in progress without waiting for the cache fill to complete.’
      • ‘It is important to note that memory bandwidth is what holds back today's graphics cards rather than core speed / fill rate.’
      • ‘If the blocksize gets too large, search times slow down, so bottom fill is how it is kept balanced.’
      • ‘The fill rate on each chip (the number of pixels that can be drawn on the screen in a second) is a very impressive 333 megapixels.’
      • ‘The fill rate test is mostly dependent on the video card.’
      • ‘The MX shows definite signs of fill rate limitations reaching it, with only two spikes reaching over 65 fps.’
      • ‘With two rendering pipelines and a core clock speed of 300MHz, this chip has a greater raw fill rate potential than the other two.’
      • ‘Not only does it have fill rate tests, but it also has occlusion culling, shading, dynamic lighting, volumetric fog, and more.’
      • ‘Gradient fill options and controls are significantly enhanced in Freehand MX.’
      • ‘For example, the paintbucket and gradient fill tools now share a spot.’
      • ‘Here we finally see a bit of fill rate limitation kicking in for the FX5900 Ultra.’
      • ‘Depot response played a significant role in offsetting initial deficiencies in the fill rate.’
      • ‘Their fill rate for orders is something like 99.5 %.’
  • 3(in popular music) a short interjected phrase on a particular instrument.

    ‘country-tinged guitar fills’
    • ‘By the album's last few tracks, the fills outweigh the backbeats to the point where he's pushing fusion jazz territory.’
    • ‘Req doesn't spend time drawing complicated drum-and-bass fills into a sequencer.’
    • ‘As the drummer spits out a cacophony of quick-wristed rhythms and slashing fills, the music rages on to a cathartic finale.’
    • ‘The acoustic guitar, rather than the drums, provides the rhythmic fills.’
    • ‘The drum machine backing does little to help - apparently Blaize has not mastered anything outside kicks and snares, let alone drum fills.’
    • ‘Devin O'Campo's drums and bass add just the right fills.’
    • ‘This larger-than-life sound is portrayed both vocally and by use of the padded layers of lo-fi treated guitars and keyboard fills.’
    • ‘This is where Black looks for the most powerful emotions on Blonde on Blonde, and he says that those fills can have him close to tears.’
    • ‘Erin Tate is an active drummer, frequently adding firm tom and snare fills.’
    • ‘After a harplike flourish and a drum fill, gliding magical strings and a subdued 16 th-note hi-hat rhythm appear.’
    • ‘The country-twanged guitar solo and glaring organ fills are both jolting and highlight Rademaker's forceful voice.’
    • ‘There are no flashy fills - instead, he's content to add subtle color with variations in volume and pace.’
    • ‘They wait until the final moment to exhale and even longer to inhale, allowing silence to spill into the silent gaps between notes, beats, and guitar fills.’
    • ‘The drums are applied for atmosphere, creating a background packed with tinkling cymbals and drum fills.’
    • ‘Drummer Simon Wright, who has also batted the skins for AC / DC, added tasteful fills where necessary but kept true to the beat.’
    • ‘There are no breaks, no fills, little syncopation, and the beats rarely drop out.’
    • ‘Guitars crunch, drums play fills that would make Terry Bozio proud, and if muscle is your mode, it may work.’
    • ‘But then Stanier enters with an impossibly huge drum fill, splintering the subdued mood and booting the song awake.’
    • ‘He has a very good range, from dynamic accents to the most subtle, tossed-off fill.’
    • ‘The drum tracks - the fills in particular - are so distracting that the brief seconds when they stop provide a welcome relief.’



/fil/ /fɪl/


    fill one's boots
    British informal
    • Have or do as much of something as one wants.

      • ‘most bars will be serving free food, so fill your boots’
    fill someone's shoes
    • Take over someone's function or duties and fulfill them satisfactorily.

      • ‘Laura, literally, fills Kim's shoes for two days with the help of a ‘fat suit’ and makeup.’
      • ‘Nevertheless, anyone filling your shoes will find it a hard act to follow.’
      • ‘I decided to move on, and I'm sure there are plenty of good, young guys capable of filling my shoes.’
      • ‘When I thought I would be filling his shoes, I just thought I would take over his band at some point, because I was assistant bandleader.’
      • ‘He would not be happy at Winston Peters filling his shoes.’
      • ‘There are a couple kids who can fill their shoes.’
      • ‘Perhaps the reason the 65% were adamant they will keep up levels of production is their hope that a daughter or son will fill their shoes when they retire.’
      • ‘It's because we've worn ourselves out trying to fill their shoes on the one hand, and on the other hand, we've grown too fat to even entertain any kind of dancing.’
      • ‘No matter how meticulous the police operations to remove dealers from the streets, a new wave will fill their shoes within weeks.’
      • ‘Anyone can become a pop idol these days, but the number of genuine legends is shrinking and it is debatable who can fill their shoes.’

Phrasal Verbs

    fill in
    • 1fill something in, fill in somethingPut material into a hole, trench, or space so that it is completely full.

      • ‘the canal is now disused and partly filled in’
    • 2fill something in, fill in somethingComplete a drawing by adding color or shade to the spaces within an outline.

      • ‘incised letters, filled in with gold’
    • 3fill something in, fill in somethingAdd information to complete a form or other official document.

      • ‘simply fill in the application form and return it to your local branch’
    • 4fill something in, fill in somethingOccupy one's spare time, typically while waiting for something else to happen.

      • ‘with all the stores to keep you occupied, you'll have no problem filling in a couple of hours’
    • 5Act as a substitute for someone when they are unable to do their job.

      ‘my producer will have to have someone standing by to fill in for me’
      • ‘With Brooks absent because of a knock, the little-used Frost filled in at left-back.’
      • ‘In the absence of first-hand testimony, conjecture fills in.’
      • ‘Marky Ramone fills in on drums and former Black Flag member Dez Cadena slings guitar.’
      • ‘I found someone to fill in for Ellen, and she's doing a great job!’
      • ‘Redd filled in admirably for the injured Ray Allen, posting 21 points.’
      • ‘He filled in as a vocalist on a few of their earlier albums, but they've got a new guy for this one.’
      • ‘As Cross's beautiful assistant, Monica Potter fills in for Ashley Judd, who didn't return from the first one.’
      • ‘He even filled in as a coach for his son's soccer team in West Virginia two summers ago.’
      • ‘We note that neither is the Prime Minister present, and nor is the Deputy Prime Minister, who normally fills in for her.’
      • ‘Some of the members are also part of other groups, sometimes even filling in as extras in the Cleveland Orchestra.’
    • 6fill someone in, fill in someoneInform someone more fully of a matter, giving all the details.

      ‘the cab driver filled me in on much important economic and sociological data’
      • ‘Can anyone fill me in on these important matters.’
      • ‘When Steve fully awoke, Shield filled him in on the details.’
      • ‘Seriously, somebody fill me in here.’
      • ‘Nora invited Amanda to the sitting room for tea, and filled her in on how the commune worked, and that no profits were made, but everything was paid for.’
      • ‘Josh filled Jason in on what he missed and Jason in exchange informed him of what happened with him.’
      • ‘Andy has been a great help around the area filling us in with a lot of information about Ireland as well as the area.’
      • ‘He filled me in with some interesting pieces of information I hadn't been aware of.’
      • ‘I have the slightest clue what he is talking about, can you fill me in?’
      • ‘Even though dispatch fills you in on the situation as they know it, they are often wrong, because the person who called the problem in doesn't know what they are talking about.’
      • ‘The biographer of one of our biggest stars fills us in on a big star who lived large and died broke.’
    • 7fill someone in, fill in someoneBritish informal, dated Hit or punch someone.

      • ‘I filled in a chap and took his money’
      • ‘I filled in a chap and took his money.’
    fill out
    • 1(of a person) put on weight to a noticeable extent.

      ‘he had filled out since the last time I'd seen him’
      • ‘Rugby players, after they have filled out to their hop-assisted unnatural weight, don't go to games.’
      • ‘But I really feel that when he fills out he's going to be a force to be reckoned with.’
      • ‘It is a simple repetitive action that should stand up well under pressure, and I can only see it getting better as he matures and fills out a bit.’
      • ‘When Jack grows a bit more, fills out and becomes older, he could be an excellent prospect for the world of snooker.’
      • ‘That's seven pounds north of their last clash at welterweight, and oddsmakers figure the taller De La Hoya fills out better, and will be the bigger man.’
      • ‘If your body fills out really quickly, sometimes your skin can't renew itself fast enough to keep up.’
      • ‘In the course of time Cora has filled out and is now one of the strongest players in the game.’
      • ‘He's getting his color back, filling out a little.’
      • ‘Viewers were also curious to see how these kids would handle growing up, filling out, and breaking out.’
      • ‘She has filled out, although she hasn't grown.’
    • 2fill something out, fill out somethingmainly North American Add information to complete an official form or document.

      ‘he filled out the requisite forms’
      • ‘Once we filled it out and sent it in, we were officially a private school.’
      • ‘After the movie I was walking through the diner and noticed a women filling out some kind of report.’
      • ‘The chosen one fills out a form about themselves.’
      • ‘I have an accountant who fills out my tax return.’
      • ‘A few seconds later she sits down and fills out a report on him.’
      • ‘Each patient fills out a menu card to order their meals.’
      • ‘Anyone who comes in and fills out a questionnaire will get a free video rental from Video Solutions.’
      • ‘Otherwise, anyone wanting to talk fills out a form at the nearby Kreta Ayer Police Post (their names stay on file for five years) and shows proof of citizenship.’
      • ‘The Garda then fills out a form for the Garda liaison officer who in turn provides the victim support co-ordinator with the information, which remains confidential.’
      • ‘Thus every New Hampshire voter fills out a paper ballot.’
      1. 2.1Give more details about something.
        ‘he filled out the background by going into historical questions’
        • ‘And there are several bits that would have filled the piece out: Side-effects from Plan B are less than in previous morning-after pills.’
        • ‘I'd like to try and fill out what he was getting at.’
        • ‘This meticulously researched book fills out his life and its achievements.’
        • ‘Stechow's survey has been refined and filled out in considerable detail.’
        • ‘Portman fills out the character with a distinct kind of ecstatic fire.’
        • ‘We have spoken to another man whose account fills out what Stewart says he saw.’
        • ‘Although the bulk of the character was already in place on the page, he filled it out with some detail of his own.’
        • ‘Though the term was borrowed from the science of immunology, its new meaning was filled out with ideas derived from influential contemporary trends, notably environmentalism, alternative health and New Age mysticism.’
        • ‘Many geological expeditions have explored the Antarctic Peninsula and their discoveries have filled out many of the missing gaps in the fossil record of the continent.’
        • ‘I''m going to write in generalities and then I'll fill out the rest of the story.’
    fill up
    • 1Become completely full.

      ‘the dining car filled up’
      • ‘the village is filling up with returning residents’
      • ‘my days of leave are filling up with social engagements’
      1. 1.1fill something up, fill up somethingCause a space or container to become full.
        • ‘he quickly filled up the bowl with water’
        become full, make full, fill up, fill to the brim, fill to overflowing, charge, load, load up, pack
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      2. 1.2fill someone up, fill up someoneSatisfy the hunger of someone.
        • ‘choices like soups, yogurts, and pumpkin seeds can provide protein and fill you up’
      3. 1.3Fill the fuel tank of a car.
        ‘he stops at a fuel station to fill up’
        • ‘What happens if you drive the car out of state and fill up with high-sulfur fuel?’
        • ‘The AA advises customers to shop around for fuel and to avoid filling up at motorway service stations.’
        • ‘Just recently a relative of mine was relieved of her handbag while getting into her car after filling up at a local petrol station.’
        • ‘The cost of filling up with petrol has fuelled endless controversy.’
        • ‘Anyway, it's always a good idea to shop around for your fuel when you're filling up.’
        • ‘I returned my hire car to Genoa airport last Sunday and allowed plenty of time to fill up with fuel to avoid the penalty cost.’
        • ‘I entered the country and stopped at the first fuel station to fill up and buy a coffee.’
        • ‘You just drive your car up to the service station and then fill up with hydrogen?’
        • ‘The bike sped away from the service station after filling up with £13.90 of petrol.’
        • ‘Police were on duty at the Shell forecourt in York to prevent any private motorists trying to fill up.’
      4. 1.4British informal Become tearful.
        • ‘I'm filling up just thinking about it’


Old English fyllan (verb), fyllu (noun) of Germanic origin; related to Dutch vullen and German füllen (verbs), Fülle (noun), also to full.