Definition of find someone out in English:

find someone out

phrasal verb

  • Detect a person's immoral or offensive actions.

    ‘she would always find him out if he tried to lie’
    • ‘Even if he does dispose of these assets, there will always be the accusation that he only did so once he was found out.’
    • ‘It was inevitable that you would be found out and convicted but in my view you were good at taking people in - you made it an art form.’
    • ‘Don't try to fabricate anything on your CV, and don't try to hide anything at the interview, because you will be found out.’
    • ‘Once you were found out, you said that you'd only been paid a small sum.’
    • ‘Whenever you are in trouble, you automatically resort to lies until you are found out.’
    • ‘Misbehave and you are tomorrow's big headlines - if you are found out.’
    • ‘‘It certainly wasn't planned but I had a good idea what the consequences would have been if we had been found out,’ she said.’
    • ‘She lied her way through school and university, until she was found out and had to leave.’
    • ‘Sooner or later events expose lies and find liars out, as the minister is already finding to his cost.’
    • ‘They were found out because of a mislabeled package, not because the FBI or any other law enforcement agencies were on the case.’