Definition of finish up in English:

finish up

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phrasal verb

  • 1finish something up, finish up somethingComplete an action or process.

    ‘he hadn't finished up the paperwork on it’
    • ‘Just as I was finishing up, two men came in, apparently thinking they were alone.’
    • ‘I spent some free time tonight finishing up my own project, the monthly family movie.’
    • ‘What do a bunch of tired singers do after finishing up a two-day recording session?’
    • ‘I am finishing up this rally and heading on to another, which is being held by some guy with a shirt.’
    • ‘I was finishing up a diversity call while monitoring the phones at the office today.’
    • ‘Friday night was spent finishing up the artwork for the vinyl version of the album.’
    • ‘Just as we finished up, Andy caught up with us, and we headed out for costume shopping.’
    • ‘I was hanging out in my buddy's office today waiting to talk to him as he finished up a phone call.’
    • ‘So after a couple of false starts we finished up and now I had to wait another week.’
    • ‘I was going to finish up the taxes tonight, so I thought I'd swing by and get the form.’
  • 2British End a period of time or course of action by doing something or being in a particular position.

    ‘Tony started out running the back elevator and finished up as bell captain’
    • ‘They talked about the glacial movement of the peace process and the interviewer finished up by asking what he was cooking for dinner.’
    • ‘It was fun racing, it was really nice finishing up with this competition but I wanted to win the Tour.’