Definition of finished in English:



  • 1(of a task or activity) brought to an end; completed.

    ‘a preparatory drawing for the finished painting’
    • ‘She's obviously much more interested in the process than in the finished work.’
    • ‘It made all the scrambling, scratches and bruises worth it to see the finished task.’
    • ‘The finished work will be displayed in the upper courtyard of Dublin Castle until the end of the month.’
    • ‘The energy that was present during the art lesson was evident in the variety and flair of the finished work.’
    • ‘Instead, her finished work is imbedded with details far more complex than the actual photographs.’
    • ‘An understanding of the process is as important as, if not more important than, the finished work.’
    • ‘I have a digital camera that allows me to take weekly snaps of finished work.’
    • ‘I chose this book because it includes the artist's rough sketches as well as her finished work.’
    • ‘The finished works of art were both eye-catching and impressive to all who viewed them.’
    • ‘The students clearly show a sense of pride and accomplishment in their finished work.’
    • ‘The finished work also features powerful storytelling skills and elegant editing.’
    • ‘The fourth astonishing thing is that the finished work was a masterpiece.’
    • ‘New concepts could take months or even years to come to fruition before the finished work was discussed and explained to the family.’
    • ‘When Manet saw the finished work, he was furious, and swore that Degas had distorted the features of his dear wife.’
    • ‘Looking at the booklet produced for the exhibition in London, I saw the photographs of the finished work.’
    • ‘A second group stands admiring a finished work depicting red peony flowers.’
    • ‘Building land has also increased in value which has the obvious knock-on effect of pushing up the cost of the finished properties.’
    • ‘I also lost so much fiber to the lint filter that the finished fabric now feels thin.’
    • ‘The finished offices will have suspended ceilings and trunking for power and computer cabling.’
    • ‘The result has a direct effect on the finished product, which is read by the public.’
    completed, concluded, consummated, finalized, terminated, over and done with, over, in the past, at an end
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    1. 1.1(of a person) no longer useful or valued; ruined.
      ‘he was told he was finished at the club’
      • ‘He knew his career was finished and he would probably have to move to Spain.’
      • ‘I finally realized that my marriage was finished.’
      • ‘While recovering in hospital he admits to himself that he's finished in this town.’
      • ‘But some say privately that regardless of his case's outcome, he's finished in politics.’
      ruined, doomed, lost, bankrupt, wrecked, broken, defeated, beaten, thwarted
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  • 2(of a person's work) expert or accomplished.

    ‘his highly finished craftsmanship’
    ‘she gave a fine finished performance’
    accomplished, polished, flawless, faultless, perfect
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