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finishing touch

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usually finishing touches
  • A final detail or action completing and enhancing a piece of work.

    ‘now they're putting the finishing touches to a new album’
    • ‘The final phase will allow finishing touches to be applied to the scheme and any last-minute glitches to be ironed out.’
    • ‘An elderly man is adding the finishing touches to a beautiful doll's house he has been building.’
    • ‘The finishing touches are being made to two major new pieces of art in Bolton town centre.’
    • ‘Nowadays, the Queen and her family usually put the finishing touches to the tree's decorations.’
    • ‘At the moment she is putting the finishing touches to a set of new paintings, which will be on display at an exhibition at the gallery this weekend.’
    • ‘The finishing touches are being put to many little projects, which have been organised for the occasion.’
    • ‘Whatever your style, it's the finishing touches that set the scene and add a touch of class and individuality to your wedding day.’
    • ‘After 20 minutes under a heat lamp, I was ready for the finishing touches.’
    • ‘But it now looks like the finishing touches could be added in time for next year's centenary celebrations.’
    • ‘Organisers are now putting together the finishing touches for what is guaranteed to be the biggest Old Town Festival yet.’
    • ‘If you prefer an elegant modern look, the impact of finishing touches like skirting boards can make or break the overall design.’
    • ‘Councillors have put the finishing touches to the document which will be sent to residents in three zones in the borough next month.’
    • ‘The building work has taken about three months to complete with just some cosmetic finishing touches and clearing up to be done.’
    • ‘A boatbuilder is busy putting the finishing touches to three vessels which he is set to exhibit at the Austrian Boat Show.’
    • ‘Young friends of a boy who died under the wheels of a lorry have been adding the finishing touches to a community garden created in his memory.’
    • ‘Children planted trees to put the finishing touches to their school's new multi-cultural garden.’
    • ‘The utility room still needs some finishing touches to bring it up to the standard of the other rooms in the house.’
    • ‘The finishing touches have included nesting boxes and wildlife havens.’
    • ‘It's obvious that the students have been working hard on their designs, and the finishing touches are yet to come.’
    • ‘Several thousand pounds would be needed for the finishing touches like garden sculptures and a seating area.’
    embellishment, embellishing, decorating, decoration, ornamentation, ornament, enhancement, enhancing


finishing touch

/ˈfiniSHiNG təCH/ /ˈfɪnɪʃɪŋ tətʃ/