Definition of Finlandization in English:


(British Finlandisation)


mass noun
  • The process whereby a country is induced to favour, or refrain from opposing, the interests of a more powerful country, despite not being politically allied to it (originally with reference to the influence of the former Soviet Union on its neighbour Finland).

    • ‘By 1981, the Soviets were rushing toward what some characterized as the ‘Finlandization’ of Western Europe.’
    • ‘‘The maximum task [for the future],’ he underscores, ‘is the ‘Finlandization’ of all of Europe.’’
    • ‘The generation over 65 remembered a time before ‘Finlandization’ and the 1939-40 and 1941-4 wars against the USSR.’
    • ‘This group originally doubted the goals of Willy Brandt's statecraft and later deplored any lessening of tension with the Warsaw Pact - which, in their view, could only lead to the ‘Finlandization ‘of Western Europe.’’
    • ‘Taiwan's ‘Finlandization’ has gone too far as it is.’


1960s translation of German Finnlandisierung, referring to the situation of Finland after 1944.