Definition of fintech in English:



  • Computer programs and other technology used to support or enable banking and financial services.

    ‘fintech is one of the fastest-growing areas for venture capitalists’
    • ‘fintech startups’
    • ‘I've worked with many of the top venture-backed startups in the fintech space.’
    • ‘The UK is fast becoming the destination of choice for any fintech company.’
    • ‘Private equity investor English said she joined because it's a unique place to meet people in fintech.’
    • ‘Silicon Valley is obviously strongest in semiconductors, while New York City is arguably strongest in fintech.’
    • ‘It has global experience it can share with fintech managers and call center representatives alike.’
    • ‘As it stands, a small fintech company can't release their products without the support of those larger companies.’
    • ‘Though the future looks promising for fintech and London, there are still road-bumps ahead.’
    • ‘At the event, 10 high-growth start-ups, largely in fintech or security, pitched their businesses to an audience of venture capitalists and invited guests.’
    • ‘He presented his challenge at a fintech launch in Singapore during his six-day tour of South East Asia.’
    • ‘Johnson and a cohort of industry representatives have been busy banging the drum for London's fintech scene.’



/ˈfinˌtek/ /ˈfɪnˌtɛk/


Early 21st century abbreviation of financial technology (earlier in the names of various companies).