Definition of fipple in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfipəl/ /ˈfɪpəl/


  • The mouthpiece of a recorder or similar wind instrument which is blown endwise, in which a thin channel cut through a block directs a stream of air against a sharp edge. The term has been applied to various parts of this, including the block and the channel.

    ‘The fipple block is formed from a solid mass of material having a substantially cylindrical exterior surface and configuration.’
    • ‘A flute employing a fipple type mouthpiece assembly permits the flute to be more easily mastered.’
    • ‘The fipple is made from a piece of 5/16th hardwood dowel about one and a half inches long.’
    • ‘Unfortunately part of the mouth-piece and the clay block or fipple were missing, and immediate conservation was needed.’
    • ‘Place the point into the middle of the fipple opening and play a note on your instrument.’


Early 17th century perhaps related to Icelandic flipi ‘horse's lip’.