Definition of firelight in English:



mass noun
  • Light from a fire in a fireplace.

    ‘the room was lit only by firelight’
    • ‘Sitting in the rosy glow of candle and firelight we thought it looked rather romantic.’
    • ‘The flickering firelight lit them all in its tumbling glow.’
    • ‘The whole city would be lit by firelight and fireworks instead of moonlight.’
    • ‘I saw only two faces, lit by firelight, and ready to shoot questions at me.’
    • ‘Everything was flickering in the gentle firelight as the fire gently died.’
    • ‘I had helped decorate it, but in the glowing firelight, it looked beyond beautiful.’
    • ‘Jack glanced at her for a moment, trying to read all of her facial features by a mix of firelight and moonlight.’
    • ‘Even Cousin Kate, the postmistress, looked pretty good by firelight.’
    • ‘Shadows lurked beyond the flickering firelight, blending in with the darkness.’
    • ‘Dad was reading the newspaper by firelight and Mom was telling us a story.’
    • ‘No doubt, our earliest ancestors performed for each other in caves with firelight as a backdrop.’
    • ‘She looks beautiful as she sits down in the sand next to me, with the soft firelight playing across her face.’
    • ‘They were close together, face to face in the warm firelight.’
    • ‘Above her, the boy was coming around the corner of the bed, his sword glinting in the dim firelight.’
    • ‘Reflected firelight flashed as they fought and an occasional spark jumped as the scimitars clashed.’
    • ‘Only the women were there, minding their own affairs by firelight.’
    • ‘Jake reached out a hand and stroked her cheek gently, his eyes never leaving her face, flickering in the gentle firelight.’
    • ‘At night the graceful mantle of leaves becomes a gilded dome in the reflected firelight.’
    • ‘Silently, he crept forward to the edge of a large clearing that was bathed in firelight.’
    • ‘She passed by Lynx's room, and came upon one on the left whose door was left ajar, leaking firelight into the hallway.’
    illumination, brightness, luminescence, luminosity, shining, gleaming, gleam, brilliance, radiance, lustre, glowing, glow, blaze, glare, dazzle


Old English fȳr-lēoht(see fire, light).