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fireside chat

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  • 1An informal conversation.

    ‘A fireside chat over a disappointing bottle of wine prompted a Bradford couple to resolve to ditch their day jobs and set up their own business.’
    • ‘The things he needed to tell the boy could not simply be blurted out during a fireside chat in one sitting.’
    • ‘He did not lecture or hector his listeners; he talked to them as if he were conducting a fireside chat.’
    • ‘Boorman has a very pleasant speaking voice, somewhat folksy, and he really makes you feel like you're listening to a comfortable fireside chat.’
    • ‘A fireside chat in the wee hours of the morning attains a heavenly composure, the dramatic ethereal lighting making this their crucial scene.’
    • ‘This book is like having a fireside chat with an experienced couple therapist, and I wish I had written it myself.’
    • ‘The European Council began in the 1970s as an occasional series of informal fireside chats among the member states' heads of state (in the case of Finland and France whose Presidents are elected) and government.’
    • ‘There have been too many pep rallies and too few fireside chats.’
    • ‘In an economic crisis - of which there are plenty - we even get TV fireside chats from the Chancellor.’
    • ‘Perhaps the Pastor dropped a hint to the Mayor in one of his weekly fireside chats.’
    • ‘The world's most unlikely double act began in Geneva in 1985, with a series of high-profile fireside chats.’
    1. 1.1US One of a series of radio broadcasts made by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt to the nation, beginning in 1933.
      ‘The night that my favorite program was pre-empted by one of president Franklin Roosevelt's fireside chats was the night I became a Republican.’
      • ‘He delivered a fireside chat that night promising the nation America would stay out.’
      • ‘It also shows a great place to pull up a chair, to read, and then of course it's the very famous spot that Franklin Roosevelt gave his fireside chats.’
      • ‘Among the politicians aiding the media barons was President Franklin Roosevelt, who needed the radio chains to broadcast his fireside chats.’
      • ‘When we weren't listening to Franklin Roosevelt giving his fireside chats, I liked to listen to sports.’
      • ‘I hearken back to Franklin Roosevelt, with his fireside chats, where he sensed the need to help the American people understand what was happening, and to communicate with them.’
      • ‘In 1933 he laid the foundation with his inaugural fireside chat.’
      • ‘He told the people in a fireside chat that the lend-lease arrangement with Britain was necessary to prevent its fall to the Nazis.’
      • ‘It has taken the White House only 70 years to go from fireside chats to online chats.’
      • ‘His multi-figure bronze casts portray a breadline, an Appalachian farm couple and a man listening to one of FDR's fireside chats.’


fireside chat

/ˈfī(ə)rˌsīd CHat/ /ˈfaɪ(ə)rˌsaɪd tʃæt/