Definition of firewood in English:


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  • Wood burned as fuel.

    ‘Seconds later, I heard a dull clunk as he placed the firewood on the floor.’
    • ‘The mother built the fire, the children kept the firebox filled, and the father cut the firewood.’
    • ‘The smoke emanating from the firewood used for cooking infused a spirit of celebration into the atmosphere.’
    • ‘As we were fairly late arriving, all the good camping spots were gone and so was all the firewood.’
    • ‘They have to go out every day and collect water and collect firewood.’
    • ‘After a couple of decades in one area, firewood was cut, game was hunted out, and farm fields were depleted.’
    • ‘The soggy firewood was gathered, tents put up, and a line strung between trees to hang the wet gear to dry.’
    • ‘For now, her family survives on seeds and grains, and selling firewood in the local market.’
    • ‘With the discovery of gold, mining became a major consumer of firewood and rough timber.’
    • ‘Rivers froze and supplies of coal and firewood, already scarce over the autumn, were immobilized.’
    • ‘The most devastating impact came from cutting trees for firewood and charcoal.’
    • ‘One of the clearest memories I have of my mother was one time when my brothers and sisters had returned from the forest after collecting firewood.’
    • ‘Trees also provide shelter, shade, leaf mulch, fencing and firewood.’
    • ‘A man was working in the woods collecting firewood when he came upon a snake wedged in the crevice of a tree.’
    • ‘Ethiopia has an oil refinery, but derives most of its energy from firewood, charcoal, and dung.’
    • ‘When the wood has been neglected, it is made into barbeque charcoal and logs for firewood.’
    • ‘Among the products currently manufactured are indoor and garden furnishings, charcoal and firewood.’
    • ‘But the weather did not let up and eventually the last piece of firewood was burnt and used up.’
    • ‘Gorse and broom are used for cattle bedding and eucalyptus for firewood.’
    • ‘Tree crops supply shade, fodder, leaf or bark mulch, firewood, shelter, soil protection and fencing.’



/ˈfī(ə)rˌwo͝od/ /ˈfaɪ(ə)rˌwʊd/