Definition of first base in English:

first base


  • 1Baseball
    The first of the four stations that must be reached in turn to score a run.

    ‘she made an awkward turn at first base and injured her right ankle’
    • ‘The big hitter who plays first base has represented New Zealand 116 times.’
    • ‘Jason dribbles an infield roller that shortstop Nomar Garciaparra handles with ease, tossing over to first base for the third out of the inning.’
    • ‘On her third time at bat, she hit the ball and ran to first base.’
    • ‘You can no longer see the batter hit and then run to first base.’
    • ‘Craig is going to be first base.’
    • ‘Rocky Carlini grounded to the third baseman, but was distracted enough trying to hold Freeman, that he overthrew to first base.’
    1. 1.1informal Used to refer to the first step toward achieving an objective.
      ‘some of the projects will not get past first base’
      • ‘Good singers without a sob story might have a struggle to get to first base.’
      • ‘These two requirements alone mean that many hopeful wannabes will not even get to first base.’
      • ‘None of the journalists got past first base; any references to her partner were light and fleeting, with Larkin insistent on promoting her business and nothing else.’
      • ‘Talks on a new contract won't get past first base if he's asked to accept a reduction in wages.’
      • ‘She says that not only is the family service she runs snowed under, she says the local DOCS office isn't even getting to first base on some allegations.’
      • ‘This year, for a local event Belle was organising, she couldn't even get to first base when it came to insurance.’
      • ‘Even on traditional grounds, the applicant would not get to first base in his application for relief in this Court, given that he must establish jurisdictional error.’
      • ‘The parish council involvement from the first base to the finish is absolutely crucial to a scheme's success.’
      • ‘We have been negotiating for 70 years and we are still at first base.’
      • ‘The President is having a little trouble reaching first base with some of our allies.’
    2. 1.2informal Used to refer to a preliminary stage of sexual intimacy, typically characterized as kissing.
      ‘Clara had let me get to first base a few times’
      • ‘The first time any guy tried to get to first base with me, I dumped him.’
      • ‘Some of the undergraduate boys complained to me that they couldn't get to first base with her and speculated that she must be dating some honcho lawyer or actor in New York.’
      • ‘Dani, you've never even been past first base!’
      • ‘Ivan is sad because he was really hoping to get past first base tonight.’
      • ‘James and Sims are ridiculously old for their roles as a courting couple still trying to get to first base (he was fifty-five, she thirty-eight)!’
      • ‘Add to this the £109.90 average cost of a first date and you're looking at a pretty impressive investment before you even get to first base.’
      • ‘They darted across the hall and ducked into a girls' bathroom, where a few ninth graders were anchored before the mirror, giggling about how they had just reached first base with their boyfriends.’
      • ‘Even though Teddy's an unattached ladies man, he's never been able to get to first base with Harriet.’
      • ‘Holly regards George Peppard as a brother-figure throughout the movie, which should warn him that he's never getting to first base with this one.’