Definition of First Cause in English:

First Cause


  • A supposed ultimate cause of all events, which does not itself have a cause, identified with God.

    • ‘As an alternative, deism posited an impersonal First Cause whose rationality is reflected in physical laws and human intellect, and lauded the exercise of virtue and reason as the truest form of worship.’
    • ‘In Suarez's view, God was the same kind of being his creatures are, only infinite rather than finite in scale; the First Cause was the same kind of cause as a worldly cause, only first.’
    • ‘Subsequently, those who sought to use Aristotle's philosophical scheme for theological purposes usually added an additional First Cause to the four Aristotelian Causes.’
    • ‘I sat in on a lesson about Thomas Aquinas where 14-year-olds in a London comprehensive discussed his theory of the proof of God's existence from the argument of First Causes.’
    • ‘In a characteristic move he finds pagan parallels to the Christian truth that all of reality derives originally from some First Cause.’