Definition of first-generation in English:



  • 1Designating the first of a generation to become a citizen in a new country.

    • ‘The entrepreneurial success of first-generation Jews enabled subsequent generations to move into the professional ranks of society.’
    • ‘Living near the factories where they worked, first-generation Romanian Americans established communities which often consisted of extended families or of those who had migrated from the same region in Romania.’
    • ‘While many first-generation Pakistani Americans continue to speak their native languages at home, offspring generally speak only English but understand their parents' native tongue.’
    • ‘Members of the National College Access Network are committed to increasing the number of first-generation, underrepresented college students who enroll in higher education.’
    • ‘Eighty percent of first-generation Israeli Americans speak Hebrew at home, although the percentages decrease as the immigrants become more entrenched in American culture.’
    • ‘Indeed, herein lies an immigrant's tale of acculturation: Mayonnaise was entirely foreign to first-generation Jewish-American homemakers.’
    • ‘Many of the students who attend community colleges are first-generation who often have different life experiences, skills, and expectations than traditional students.’
    • ‘Nagano, 51, grew up on his first-generation Japanese-American grandparents' artichoke farm near Morro Bay, between San Francisco and Los Angeles.’
    • ‘The vast majority of research on this topic, however, has focused on the dichotomous perspective of first-generation versus non-first-generation students.’
    • ‘Previous research has found that the largest differences between first-generation and non-first-generation students were on levels of family income and race.’
    • ‘Several studies have found that first-generation Asian Americans experience significantly more acculturative stress than second or later generations.’
    • ‘Several researchers have found that Asian American adolescents born to first-generation immigrant parents generally perceive their fathers as making inflexible rules and telling them what to do.’
    • ‘The protagonist, Selina Boyce, is the daughter of first-generation Barbadian immigrant parents, Deighton and Silla, who have come to America in search of the ever elusive American dream.’
    • ‘My parents, who are first-generation immigrants, are very conscious that if you don't get an education you're not going to get a good job.’
    • ‘Mary Dunleavy was born in Connecticut and raised in New Jersey by her first-generation Irish American parents.’
    • ‘Their parents were hard-working first-generation migrants who have built successful family businesses, too busy making it in their new country to care about politics.’
    • ‘As a child of first-generation Russian immigrants, she was encouraged to pursue the arts, but only as an avocation: her brother studied music, and she, dance.’
    • ‘For first-generation Romanian immigrants - regardless of the period they arrived in America - Romanian was the primary language.’
    • ‘Many temples were built by devout first-generation Indian immigrants.’
    • ‘The daughter of first-generation Portuguese immigrants, she grew up in the small town of Victoria, British Columbia.’
    1. 1.1Designating the first of a generation to be born in a country of parents who had immigrated.
      ‘a first-generation Canadian whose parents were born on a farm in Vietnam’
      • ‘To hear her tell it, Tan's experience as a first-generation American born to striving Chinese immigrants in post-War California has been a succession of terrifying leaps from one trauma to another.’
      • ‘Consistently, first-generation students perceive their parents to be less supportive of their decision to attend college and less encouraging than their peers perceive their parents to be.’
      • ‘He is first-generation Irish and was born and raised in Chicago, where most of his family still lives.’
      • ‘The story is a classic tale of growing up as the first-generation child of immigrants.’
      • ‘So I did some research about first-generation South Asian youth in America.’
      • ‘This flexibility and adaptability has had a profound effect on first-generation American-born Thais, who tend to be quite assimilated or Americanized.’
      • ‘And he is but one of a handful of first-generation, American-born soccer players on the inner-city Albion Hurricanes Football Club.’
  • 2Designating the first version of a type made available.

    ‘first-generation descrambler technology’
    • ‘The first-generation antihistamines, often available as over-the-counter medications, produce a sedating effect.’
    • ‘Toyota currently supplies Nissan with its aging, first-generation hybrid technology, and the hybrid-powered Altima won't reach consumers until 2006.’
    • ‘It could not be saddled with Toyota's first-generation technology while its rival was busy creating the next system.’
    • ‘This is primarily due to major concerns about this first-generation technology that still needs to be tackled.’
    • ‘Until recently, the only genetically engineered products available on the U.S. market were first-generation genetically engineered products.’
    • ‘Although slower than a CD-RW drive, it's not too bad considering that it's first-generation technology.’
    • ‘The first-generation Prius was a technological breakthrough but was not a simple proposition for buyers because consumers were not quite ready yet and the car was a tad small and pricey for many.’
    • ‘The central space is outfitted as a room-sized version of ‘Atari,’ a first-generation video game, with ceiling tiles that light up in response to joysticks.’
    • ‘But just as the market for first-generation DVD recorders is taking off, new technology developments will boost optical technology to 100 gigabytes or more, per disc, in the next three years.’
    • ‘Also new for 2001 is the arrival of infrared technology for headphones, eliminating the dangling wires of first-generation systems.’
    • ‘This finding confirms a general result observed in studies that have examined first-generation genetically engineered foods.’
    • ‘Second-generation antisense drugs offer greater potency, enhanced tolerability via subcutaneous injection, and improved dosing convenience compared with first-generation antisense drugs.’
    • ‘As a tradeoff, everything outside of the environments looks like it came from a first-generation computer game, and there's a big bar of load time between missions.’
    • ‘The Shuttle, which NASA described as a first-generation reusable launch vehicle, has to be practically rebuilt from scratch after each mission.’
    • ‘It is shaping up to be a smart bet, as receivers get better: first-generation models handled ghosts that lagged the main signal by no more than 10 microseconds and were no stronger than half the main signal.’
    • ‘This can also be seen as the basic aspiration of first-generation online discussion software as well as the gist of the world-changing hyperbolae of the press during the dot com years’
    • ‘My main Mac, on which I'm typing this, is a first-generation Power Mac G3, built in late 1997 and bought in May 1998, close to five and a half years ago.’
    • ‘Or perhaps you bought a new Pentium 4 computer as an upgrade to a first-generation Pentium you've used since the mid-1990s.’