Definition of first minister in English:

first minister



  • The leader of the ruling political party in some regions or countries.

    ‘Both announcements were made in the constituency of Northern Ireland's first minister, Peter Robinson.’
    • ‘High praise indeed from Rhodri Morgan, Welsh first minister.’
    • ‘Gordon Brown, the most powerful Chancellor in British history, had been snubbed by Scotland's first minister.’
    • ‘Then along came Livingstone, a man whose fondness for lizards no doubt helped him strike an instant rapport with the beleaguered first minister.’
    • ‘We can't really understand why the first minister won't meet with us.’
    • ‘The Scotland Act obliges MSPs to elect a new first minister within 28 days of the departure of his predecessor.’
    • ‘Less lovely was the Scottish first minister, Jack McConnell.’
    • ‘Senior church figures have accused the first minister of making a grave misjudgment.’
    • ‘Current ministers, including Jack McConnell, the first minister, are expected to escape serious criticism.’
    • ‘Martin McGuinness, Northern Ireland's deputy first minister, branded the attackers " racist criminals ".’
    • ‘Three years ago, Scotland's first minister resigned in a row over office expenses.’
    • ‘Jack McConnell, the first minister, said he was "disappointed" at the decision.’
    • ‘Jack McConnell, Scotland's first minister, tried to draw a line under the fiasco.’
    • ‘Scotland's first minister insists justice was his government's only consideration.’
    • ‘He is first minister of a cabinet in a parliamentary democracy.’
    • ‘McConnell, the first minister, has staked his political future on making a success of a ban on smoking in all public places.’
    • ‘Jack is the first minister of the Scottish Parliament with a salary of £ 118,000 a year.’
    • ‘Unsurprisingly, some furious local activists in response argued that what was needed was better first ministers.’
    • ‘The deputy first minister Jim Wallace has staked his credibility on this interpretation.’
    • ‘He is due to be formally sworn in as first minister on Thursday.’