Definition of first of all in English:

first of all

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  • 1Before doing anything else; at the beginning.

    ‘first of all, let me ask you something’
    • ‘Her Honour Justice Branson first of all basically agrees with his Honour Justice Wilcox.’
    • ‘I should ask first of all if he wishes to say anything in response to those submissions?’
    • ‘What was the principal difficulty there about delay, first of all in the Sergeant's case?’
    • ‘Right, first of all do not ask me anything about teenage pregnancy and having trouble in sexual situations.’
    • ‘To understand this let us first of all look at the principles of Sun and Neptune separately.’
    • ‘Well, first of all the cabin is extremely well trimmed, especially if you go for pale grey leather seats and a black carpet.’
    • ‘We'll get to why he's in a wheelchair in a second, but, first of all, how big is this?’
    • ‘This learning would, first of all, be a listening to God's voice in contemplative silence.’
    • ‘Tell us, first of all, about this one picture of this safe that was knocked over.’
    • ‘Can I just say, first of all, in all honesty, how much I respect what you've done in Lapland in previous years.’
    1. 1.1Most importantly.
      ‘German unity depends first of all on the German people’
      • ‘The advancement of science depends, first of all, on the free flow of information.’
      • ‘And the importance of history is first of all it tells you the way the world was.’
      • ‘Really, to keep them in optimum state, it is important that they be maintained first of all.’
      • ‘Well, first of all there are nine states that are already doing that in the United States.’
      • ‘All I really wanted to really talk about was first of all what a relief it is to hear James talking.’
      • ‘Well, I think, first of all, that the fact he lied about his affair is going to hurt him.’
      • ‘With gaming, young people can get involved and, first of all, it's a culture where you can belong.’
      • ‘I did not believe that a man my age, first of all, could fall in love like a teenager.’
      • ‘My main goal in life, first of all, is to live every day to the fullest, no matter how long that is.’
      • ‘Well, first of all, I never would have allowed it to get out of control the way it did.’