Definition of fish finger in English:

fish finger


  • A small oblong piece of flaked or minced fish coated in batter or breadcrumbs and fried or grilled.

    • ‘We've got degrees in computer gaming, gender studies and golf-course management, so degrees in potty training and the nutritional content of the fish finger are not exactly breaking new ground.’
    • ‘It launched a £25m advertising campaign in July aimed at giving the battered fish finger a healthier image.’
    • ‘I had the remainder of my kid's supper: old bits of fish finger, chips, and, later, half a panetonne with tea.’
    • ‘He has also written some excellent verse, of which one of his previous collections gave us a perfect sonnet to a fish finger.’
    • ‘Alternatively, once skate is lightly poached, you can ease it from the bones, dip in egg and polenta or breadcrumbs then shallow fry to make an unusually tasty fish finger.’
    • ‘Burgers, fish fingers and sausages are just as tasty when grilled, but have a lower fat content.’
    • ‘There was a range of children's dishes available, including burgers, fish fingers and sausages.’
    • ‘I ate 72 kilos of fish (not counting 40 fish fingers and 472 pieces of sushi) which is only slightly less than the average polar bear.’
    • ‘Children who refuse to eat foods that are good for them - and instead demand fish fingers, plain pasta or mashed potato - can be difficult and frustrating to deal with, not to mention worrying.’
    • ‘And claims that Joy eats raw burgers and fish fingers straight from the freezer are absolute rubbish, according to her mother.’
    • ‘‘If the children want fish fingers or burgers, then the chef should make them,’ he declared.’
    • ‘That will go a long way towards helping to pay quite a lot of mortgages, not to mention buying burgers and fish fingers for the kids.’
    • ‘It's far easier for me to do that than to cook fish fingers.’
    • ‘While everyone else was into fish fingers, our mother liked proper food.’
    • ‘Are we doing irreversible harm by giving our children fish fingers for tea?’
    • ‘My other recipe is for real fish fingers, or ‘goujons’ as they say in France.’
    • ‘You may be genius but what weirdo has fish fingers in a pie?’
    • ‘The normal school menu, which offers meals such as spaghetti bolognese, chips and fish fingers, will be served in conjunction with the new menu during a six-week trial period.’
    • ‘He got some fish fingers and I splashed out on some Tartare sauce.’
    • ‘It's several pages thick, with easily a couple of hundred choices that range from elegant-sounding entrées for the evening to good bar standards like Irish beer, fish fingers and crinkled French fries.’


fish finger