Definition of fish stick in English:

fish stick

Pronunciation /ˈfiSH ˌstik/ /ˈfɪʃ ˌstɪk/

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North American
  • A small, oblong piece of fish fillet, usually breaded and fried.

    ‘We didn't eat things like fish sticks at my house, unless they were freshly cut strips dipped in a tempura style batter.’
    • ‘When she was 1 we took her to one of our favorite seafood restaurants and gave her a little plate of fries and fish sticks.’
    • ‘I'm 30 and still struggling to learn to eat veggies because my mom would cook me fish sticks or sausage or whatever else I wanted if I didn't like what she had cooked for everyone else.’
    • ‘Luke, on the other hand, was having no problem eating the fish sticks.’
    • ‘The cod filets reminded me quite a bit of the fish sticks of my misspent adolescence, long and skinny and golden-brown.’