Definition of fit out in English:

fit out

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phrasal verb

  • fit someone or something out, fit out someone or somethingProvide someone or something with the necessary equipment, clothes, or other items for a particular situation.

    ‘the cabin had been fitted out to a high standard’
    • ‘On leaving the school the boys were fitted out with clothes and given a bible and a Book Of Common Prayer.’
    • ‘The next four weeks will be very busy fitting it out with furniture and equipment and making it clinically clean.’
    • ‘He said doctors on duty will have a taxi available to them at all times to drive them to patients and the car will be fitted out with high quality medical equipment, like a mini-ambulance.’
    • ‘The properties can be fitted out at a cost of €15,000.’
    • ‘These houses are fitted up in first-rate style, with gas and water laid on.’
    • ‘The bathrooms are fitted out in granite, oak and glass.’
    • ‘The cells are fitted out with televisions, sanitary and tea making facilities.’
    • ‘The interior of both buildings are fitted out with the highest of standards of modern fittings.’
    • ‘And the opportunity is not restricted to the able-bodied - the vessel is fitted out to accommodate people of all types of physical ability and disability.’
    • ‘The Learning and Skills Council spent £40,000 on refurbishing space at the station, fitting it out with six new computers with Internet access, printers, a digital camera and scanner.’
    equip, provide, supply, furnish, rig out, outfit, accoutre, array, stock