Definition of flag-waving in English:



mass noun
  • The expression of patriotism in a populist and emotional way.

    as modifier ‘flag-waving conservatism’
    • ‘As the war looms closer warmongering propagandists will step up their flag-waving jingoism and attacks on so called ‘traitors’.’
    • ‘And, no doubt, she would find flag-waving during a Democrat Administration perfectly acceptable.’
    • ‘These emblems of today's cult of passive suffering are at the opposite end of the emotional spectrum from traditional patriotic flag-waving.’
    • ‘Some people want to make it a day of flag-waving and patriotism.’
    • ‘I am not some flag-waving patriot cheering on every move our troops make.’
    • ‘Joy's an unabashed, flag-waving patriot who joined the Air Force to serve his country.’
    • ‘But the ceremonies are likely to be resisted by some young Britons, who are naturally wary of what they regard as flag-waving patriotism.’
    • ‘No matter what flag-waving, hot blooded xenophobic ‘patriots’ will tell you, one person alone will never be able to change history.’
    • ‘This president is despised and ridiculed even in the face of flag-waving calls for national unity.’
    • ‘The almost desperate character of the effort to silence or drown out antiwar protests suggests that something more than mindless flag-waving is going on here.’
    • ‘Instead they died in the line of duty and subsequently received posthumous citizenship amidst much fanfare and flag-waving.’
    • ‘Suffice to say, he's the same flag-waving Texas hick he's ever been.’
    • ‘Several hundred flag-waving administration officials cheered as the president's Marine One helicopter landed on the White House lawn.’
    • ‘It was so uplifting, almost, you know, flag-waving patriotic.’
    • ‘It is not jingoism or knee-jerk flag-waving; it's real and true and good.’
    • ‘Not out of patriotism or anything even remotely flag-waving.’
    • ‘What about enforcing patriotism by tying school funding to flag-waving?’
    • ‘In a time of fierce ideological commitment and flag-waving, Benjamin was never an ideologue.’
    • ‘The visible response was flag-waving, but I don't know how many people quietly questioned what was going on.’
    jingoistic, chauvinistic, excessively patriotic, excessively nationalistic, sectarian, isolationist, flag-waving, xenophobic, racist, racialist, ethnocentric