Definition of flat-pack in English:



  • 1British often as modifier A piece of furniture or other equipment that is sold in pieces packed flat in a box for easy transport and is assembled by the buyer.

    ‘a flat-pack bookcase’
    • ‘They quickly started to specialise in flat-pack furniture, selling by mail order.’
    • ‘The most common call-outs are for drilling expertise to hang pictures, mirrors and notice-boards, carpentry such as assembling flat-pack furniture and electrical jobs.’
    • ‘That is, we're finishing off the last of the home renovations, and are about to start acquiring flat-pack baby furniture.’
    • ‘It anticipates the screams of frustration up and down the land of men wrestling with identical flat-pack furniture.’
    • ‘Isn't it nice that he turned to taking over the world via flat-pack furniture instead?’
    • ‘The weekend was a positive blur of flat-pack furniture purchasing, followed by hours of puzzling self-assembly at home.’
    • ‘Partly it's because you can pick up bargains, but it's also because it provides a welcome alternative to high-street sameness and flat-pack furniture.’
    • ‘In an age where flat-pack furniture reigns supreme, it comes as a relief to find that you don't always have to make your own bed.’
    • ‘There were handbag throwing competitions for boys, and flat-pack assembly competitions for the girls, as well as tea and cakes at the bandstand.’
    • ‘Directors are expected to point to cost savings and the success of their promise to undercut competitors by 30% with their self - assembly flat-pack products.’
    • ‘The deputy prime minister today refused permission for the Swedish flat-pack furniture giant to open a £30m superstore close to the M60 at Portwood in Stockport.’
    • ‘With 24 hours to go, our flat-pack kitchen was hastily assembled.’
    • ‘It is the second time the Swedish flat-pack furniture giant has turned to the courts over its proposed store, blocked earlier this year.’
    • ‘Hang pictures etc., fix shelves, and put together flat-pack furniture.’
    • ‘‘You do realise that it means the house is going to be filled with cardboard boxes again,’ I asked, thinking of all the packaging that comes with your flat-pack furniture.’
    • ‘Assembling your own furniture from flat-pack can be rewarding, but is often frustrating.’
    • ‘Today's chic homeowner will settle for nothing less than a flat-pack prefab.’
    • ‘Initial delivery didn't take long, but try calling to report damaged parts of a flat-pack and then the problems begin.’
    • ‘People are getting tired of mass-produced items and flat-packs that eventually fall apart.’
    • ‘In five hours we constructed from the flat-pack a dining table, 2 dining chairs, and most of a chest of drawers.’
  • 2Electronics
    A package for an integrated circuit consisting of a rectangular sealed unit with a number of horizontal metal pins protruding from its sides.

    set of parts, set of components, set, outfit, DIY kit, do-it-yourself kit, self-assembly set, flat-pack


[with object]usually as adjective flat-packed
  • Pack (a self-assembly item) flat in a box.

    ‘this workstation is provided flat-packed’
    • ‘Some of the explosives were flat-packed like pancakes and others were filled with nails to cause maximum injuries, according to images obtained by US network ABC News.’
    • ‘With all seven seats in place, there is no boot space beyond room for a few tall and thin items, such as flat-packed furniture or a fashion model.’
    • ‘But, provided you can find someone reliable to install it, it is perfectly possible to buy a smart, flat-packed kitchen for between €5,000 and €10,000.’
    • ‘It is being housed in a new state-of-the-art glass and steel exhibition centre, commissioned by VisitScotland at a cost of £750,000 and capable of being flat-packed into crates and shipped around the world.’
    • ‘The table is designed to come apart and be flat-packed.’
    • ‘He said it would retail for about £180 and come flat-packed for easy self-assembly.’
    • ‘The wardrobes come flat-packed and have to be built in the room.’
    • ‘A durable, attractive alternative to traditional wardrobes, it can be supplied pre-cut and flat-packed.’
    • ‘His covetable sleek kitchens come flat-packed, ready to slot into preprepared plumbing and electrics.’
    • ‘Whether you're after something flat-packed, designerinspired, cheap and cheerful or mind-numbingly expensive.’
    • ‘If he had, he might have noticed that the furniture was, in fact, still flat-packed in its box in the hallway.’
    • ‘I bought it while I was at university and wanted to put a flat-packed bedside table together.’
    • ‘A search of the cargo of flat-packed furniture revealed the Sovereign brand cigarettes - believed to be worth over £100,000.’
    • ‘It was not to be, so I killed him with the screwdriver I had used to construct the flat-packed units which were the building-blocks of our life together.’
    • ‘He said the most recent theft occurred on Saturday night, when a variety of flat-packed pine furniture was stolen.’
    • ‘He sees the disastrous impact on marriage of flat-packed furniture and - ping!’
    • ‘Imagine prehistoric apes trying to bake a cake, or a young caveman putting up a flat-packed bookcase.’
    • ‘Today's main task: assembly of Today's main task: assembly of flat-packed office furniture.’
    flat-pack, in kit form, kit, do-it-yourself, DIY, self-build