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flat screen

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  • usually as modifier A television or computer screen that is perfectly flat rather than slightly curved and that has a slim casing.

    ‘a flat-screen TV’
    • ‘The most contentious item was a 2,600 home cinema system including a 40 in flat-screen television.’
    • ‘Hillaryland spent like a hedge fund manager in a flat-screen TV store.’
    • ‘The home of the future naturally has a wide flat-screen television.’
    • ‘Bill Taylor wants everyone to be able to afford a big flat-screen television.’
    • ‘The information downloaded from the web to the palm-sized computers is displayed on a small, four-inch flat screen.’
    • ‘A warped orthopedic key board sat in the center of an array of six flat screens.’
    • ‘Dell Coupons can be found for a full range of products from digital cameras to laptop computers to flat screen monitors.’
    • ‘Apple recently dropped all glass tubing across its range by adding a flat screen to the new iMac.’
    • ‘Hanging on a nearby wall, was a large flat-screen monitor used to display the same information.’
    • ‘The Labour MP also claimed for two flat-screen televisions exactly a year apart.’
    • ‘I also have a new flat-screen monitor at work.’
    • ‘External screens can be of the flat screen or glass-tube variety.’
    • ‘The new videos shown here, designed for presentation on small flat screens, were deliberately kept modest in scale.’
    • ‘Koch did not use campaign funds to pay for the LCD flat-screen television, which his spokesman said he uses for presentations.’
    • ‘The centre also boasts computer terminals with flat screen monitors for use by visitors.’
    • ‘Critics say flat screens are less good at coping with conventional TV.’
    • ‘A flat-screen TV is different from a flat-panel set.’
    • ‘A flat-screen television set was installed, which is still used to view operas.’
    • ‘At night, it turned into a haven for sports fans who like to watch their games on oversized flatscreen TVs.’
    • ‘The sofa faces a media center that includes a flat-screen television.’