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nounplural noun flatfish, plural noun flatfishes

  • A flattened marine fish that swims on its side with both eyes on the upper side. They live typically on the seabed and are colored to resemble it.

    Order Pleuronectiformes: several families, in particular Bothidae (left-eye flounders), Pleuronectidae (right-eye flounders), and Soleidae (soles)

    ‘The California halibut is a flatfish with an oblong, compressed body and a large, powerful, broad tail.’
    • ‘Today we can read the course of this evolution in the development of a flatfish.’
    • ‘The plaice is one of the smaller flatfish found around the British coast.’
    • ‘The fish - mainly haddock, cod, whiting and flatfish - are usually dead by the time they are returned to the water.’
    • ‘Like most flatfish, brill move inshore in the spring to spawn in shallow water.’



/ˈflatˌfiSH/ /ˈflætˌfɪʃ/