Definition of flattering in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfladəriNG/ /ˈflædərɪŋ/

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  • 1(of a person or their remarks) full of praise and compliments.

    ‘the article began with some flattering words about us’
    • ‘A Kendal primary school is basking in the warm glow of enthusiastic praise after receiving a flattering report from the judges of a training and development award.’
    • ‘All the compliments are very flattering, but it's kind of embarrassing!’
    • ‘Cara found this more flattering than any compliment.’
    • ‘He could speak with the intent to offend and it could come off as a flattering compliment - or turn it the other way around and approve of you under the cover of an insult.’
    • ‘It is neither flattering nor complimentary, and it is not determined by physical attractiveness.’
    • ‘He always hid it in easy smiles and flattering words.’
    • ‘He did remember that they contained a lot of flattering words about the Soviet host.’
    • ‘The applause is flattering but the thing that really teaches us anything is failure.’
    • ‘I find it very flattering that people comment on some of my posts and I try to respond, either in this blog or on the pages of those who have been so kind as to visit me.’
    • ‘However, he was, of course, bound by protocol to make a few flattering comments about this.’
    • ‘I am grateful for the flattering comments that the previous speaker made about me, but I would just like to say, in a measured, quiet way, that this bill is a gross abuse of parliamentary process.’
    • ‘Never had I read more flattering, in-your-face cajolery.’
    • ‘She sighed, slightly red from the flattering comment.’
    • ‘Some of the comments were less than flattering.’
    • ‘On the outside, its bold, curvaceous form draws plenty of commentary, both flattering and otherwise.’
    • ‘My mother tried every parenting effort and every flattering comment that she could, before she too, just gave up.’
    • ‘They had set up their picnic in a slight shade and Matt peppered her with flattering comments that kept her blushing.’
    • ‘Everyday he heard even more flattering comments but her actions were different.’
    • ‘A good toast should be a gift, not an insult, so make it appropriate, flattering and, if possible, memorable.’
    • ‘And so it would appear from his none too flattering article in yesterday's Telegraph.’
    complimentary, praising, favourable, commending, admiring, applauding, appreciative
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    1. 1.1Pleasing or gratifying.
      with infinitive ‘it was flattering to have a pretty girl like Frances so obviously fond of him’
      • ‘It is very flattering and an honour to have a portrait that will hang with such distinguished people.’
      pleasing, gratifying, honouring, gladdening
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    2. 1.2Enhancing someone's appearance.
      ‘I don't think anything sleeveless is very flattering’
      • ‘that's a flattering picture of him’
      • ‘Stay fit, dress to suit our figure, get a flattering hairstyle, and enhance nature with the right touch of makeup.’
      • ‘But they definitely don't enhance a woman's silhouette, so as a flattering trouser option cargo pants are a distinctly poor choice.’
      • ‘Our French photographers swooped in, coaxing her into fun, flattering clothes and complimenting her in their soothing accents.’
      • ‘For ladies, there's the flattering yet functional full length bridle mac from Mackintosh.’
      becoming, enhancing, appropriate, embellishing, ornamenting, gracing, befitting
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