Definition of flechette in English:


(also fléchette)

Pronunciation /fleˈSHet/ /flɛˈʃɛt/ /flāˈSHet/ /fleɪˈʃɛt/


  • A type of ammunition resembling a small dart, shot from a gun.

    ‘doctors say they have pulled flechettes from dead and wounded fighters’
    • ‘Paul had also heard about the idea of using flechettes as ammunition.’
    • ‘I just pulled the rifle's trigger, and a burst of flechettes hit the sentry right in the forehead.’
    • ‘When fired, the cartridge activated within 3 meters of the muzzle to spray flechettes in a shotgun-like blast.’
    • ‘It fired a guided antitank missile in addition to conventional tank rounds and a special antipersonnel round containing thousands of tiny dartlike flechettes.’
    • ‘There are exceptions to what I said, since flechettes and armor piercing rounds were designed with armor in mind.’
    small arrow, flechette, bolt, shaft


First World War (denoting a pointed steel projectile resembling a dart, dropped from an aircraft): from French fléchette, diminutive of flèche ‘arrow’.



/fleˈSHet/ /flɛˈʃɛt/ /flāˈSHet/ /fleɪˈʃɛt/