Definition of flechette in English:



  • 1A type of ammunition resembling a needle, used in bombs, shells, and guns.

    ‘doctors say they have pulled flechettes from dead and wounded fighters’
    • ‘Paul had also heard about the idea of using flechettes as ammunition.’
    • ‘I just pulled the rifle's trigger, and a burst of flechettes hit the sentry right in the forehead.’
    • ‘When fired, the cartridge activated within 3 meters of the muzzle to spray flechettes in a shotgun-like blast.’
    • ‘It fired a guided antitank missile in addition to conventional tank rounds and a special antipersonnel round containing thousands of tiny dartlike flechettes.’
    • ‘There are exceptions to what I said, since flechettes and armor piercing rounds were designed with armor in mind.’
    small arrow, flechette, bolt, shaft
    1. 1.1A shell containing flechettes.
      ‘the flechette exploded and part of it penetrated the southern and western walls’


First World War (denoting a pointed steel projectile resembling a dart, dropped from an aircraft): from French fléchette, diminutive of flèche ‘arrow’.



/fleɪˈʃɛt/ /flɛˈʃɛt/