Definition of flews in English:


plural noun

  • The thick hanging lips of a bloodhound or similar dog.

    • ‘He cocked his head quizzically and his tongue nervously lapped at his flews.’
    • ‘A Newfoundland's drop ears also keep out water, and very loose flews allow him to breath while carrying something as he swims.’
    • ‘The wolf ran his tongue along his flews like a person wetting their lips before the on take of some great feast; to break some fast that plagued his bitter soul.’
    • ‘Butts's clipped ears twitched, his eyes narrowed and his flews curled into a snarl.’
    • ‘Conner could see the lights that danced in the feral's eyes as he licked his flews.’
    • ‘Unblinking, he stared into the fire, mouthing incoherent words, repeating the unfamiliar syllables through limp, drooling flews.’
    • ‘He pulled out a small, powerful set of binoculars and trained them on the scene, licking his flews in anticipation.’


Late 16th century of unknown origin.