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adjectiveadjective flintier, adjective flintiest

  • 1Of, containing, or reminiscent of flint.

    ‘flinty soil’
    • ‘Its problem is that it is a very flinty wine that leaves a kind of sour aftertaste on every possible opportunity.’
    • ‘Under my feet the flinty soil shattered into a thousand arrows pointing a hundred different ways.’
    • ‘Perhaps this helps to explain why digging for randomness in the flinty soil of physics is such hard work.’
    • ‘Bougrier Tourraine 1998 Sauvignon Blanc, $9.95 - A delicate, crisp white wine with tart fruit flavours and a subtle, flinty finish.’
    • ‘Shape and texture terms tend to be applied to wines with a high degree of acidity, as angular, austere, flinty, steely.’
    • ‘Curiously, they all carry (wear, pet, hug) rocks on strings like prehistoric necklaces - a metaphor, perhaps, for survival in a flinty world of not very much.’
    • ‘An excellent performance against Kildare in Leinster and a thrilling win over Offaly in the first round of the qualifiers made Carlow a more flinty proposition than normal, but Limerick stayed calm and eased their way diligently past.’
    • ‘Laurie Sansom's production hits its emotional straps, and Jones delivers moving scene after scene of rising, fractious, heart-rending drama and flinty, defiant humour.’
    • ‘The grey, flinty slopes covered in the serried ranks of vineyards, gave way to the high pastures, the Alpine meadows, which nourished the famed cattle of Switzerland.’
    • ‘From the coiled, flinty Gethsemane, through the almost jaunty I'll Tag Along and One Door Opens to the slurred tango of First Breath, this is an album of exciting accomplishment.’
    • ‘Classic Sancerre ingredients all coming together skillfully with sharpish gooseberry fruit rolling along a mineral path leading to a flinty finale. 5 Stars.’
    • ‘Portraying the flinty faces of science - daunting complexity twinned with numbing wonder - demands both craft and art.’
    • ‘This wine is spot-on in quality and price, and reveals rounded apple notes threaded with flinty acidity. 7 / 10’
    • ‘It appears to be a little cavern of death; a wooden stake has been driven through the privates of one of the fellas, while a flinty knife points at the woman.’
    • ‘Instead, we butted through the heaving, flinty grey water towards the narrow passageway that separates Karmoy from the mainland.’
    • ‘His epic-length reflections sweep aside not only the flinty facts, but the vital importance of history and tradition in our constitutional architecture.’
    • ‘Burley was hewn from flinty, industrial Ayrshire.’
    • ‘The beach was flinty; there was no pavement, no electricity, no scuba divers with credit cards.’
    • ‘As I tramped pale flinty paths through the cornfields, larks sang and March hares frolicked.’
    • ‘Coupled with the characteristic flinty aftertaste of the Chablis this is a great white to slurp.’
    stern, forbidding, uninviting, unapproachable, aloof, distant
    1. 1.1(of a person or their expression) very hard and unyielding.
      ‘a flinty stare’
      • ‘There is something old-fashioned in his manner which may explain why he excels as gruff authority figures and flinty men of the West.’
      • ‘So here was Orwell, famous for being a flinty man of integrity, in effect throwing in the towel.’
      • ‘She often has only a few moments of screentime to get across what phase Lureen is in, but as we follow her from a wild and flirty girl to a flinty woman trapped in a loveless marriage we feel a complete and three dimensional character.’
      • ‘Now, there was a flinty look in Eddie's eye and a grim expression on his face as he sat down alongside the assistant coach and the manager.’
      • ‘He is able to get outside his flinty, tightly wrapped personality just enough to convince a majority of voters that he deserves another chance.’
      • ‘I mean, how confident are you that you will convince those flinty eyed people over at Finance that you've got a case for more money?’
      • ‘I happen to like feisty political personalities with regional color whether they are flinty Vermonters or silky Mississipians.’
      • ‘The latter spoke first, gaze turning flinty as she turned her attention to the uninvited guest.’
      • ‘He pledged to keep a flinty eye on it and vowed to slay the threatening blip should it grow.’
      • ‘I settled for one hand on the lower rung and a flinty gaze into the middle distance, careful not to meet his eye.’
      • ‘He had bright, flinty eyes and an air of silent confidence - one of those men whose alpha status seems to emanate from their pores, their rank in any group somehow implicit, beyond question.’
      • ‘In Sarah, he had found a tall, power-dressing, glamorous partner, serious and flinty, with a successful business record in developing a right-on public relations company.’
      • ‘But when he goes behind the curtain and sheds the costume, a flinty, thin-skinned, immature man who has never taken responsibility for his mistakes emerges.’
      • ‘London metropolitan types also think I possess a kind of doughty flinty independent spirit which they wish they had so they too could flee the bars of Charlotte Street and the watering holes of Soho.’
      • ‘The always reliable actress brings a flinty edge to the formidable Maggie.’
      • ‘Her character, Anna, is one of the great female parts - too flinty to be dismissed as a ladette, too smart to be written off as a hedonistic bimbo.’
      • ‘He is a famously flinty treasury secretary, a man suspicious of international aid and bailouts, who isn't afraid to say so.’
      • ‘It was, in many ways, his finest appearance - the flinty New Englander's feelings on full display for perhaps the first time in his candidacy.’
      • ‘I'll provide some facts and my own point of view on our recent history to challenge his flinty attitude.’
      • ‘At times, the performance even seemed to display in equal measures the vitality of a young Eric Black and the flinty resolve of Terry Butcher.’
      firm, solid, dense, rigid, stiff, resistant, unbreakable, inflexible, unpliable, impenetrable, unyielding, solidified, hardened, compact, compacted, steely, tough, strong, stony, rocklike, flinty, close-packed, compressed, as hard as iron, as hard as stone



/ˈflin(t)ē/ /ˈflɪn(t)i/