Definition of flip the script in English:

flip the script


informal mainly North American
  • Reverse the usual or existing positions in a situation; do something unexpected or revolutionary.

    • ‘Campbell flips the script on the old beauty-and-the-beast formula’
    • ‘they've suddenly decided to flip the script and speak nothing but straight truth’
    • ‘To flip the script, we must first become aware of it.’
    • ‘But the president has the opportunity to flip the script.’
    • ‘And to prove I'm no sexist, I'm going to flip the script.’
    • ‘First let me flip the script a little bit and name a genre rather than a person.’
    • ‘Instead they flip the script entirely and drop one of the most intimate and beautiful records I've heard in a while.’
    • ‘Sometimes one of us will come out in the conversation saying something in Spanish and flip the script because some things are easier to say or understand in Spanish than others.’
    • ‘They look at life honestly, then sort of flip the script so that things that could make you cry end up making you laugh.’
    • ‘Her intent, then, is to "flip the script", reverse the male gaze in popular music, and give women a voice where they were initially denied one.’
    • ‘He flips the script on bourgois geekiness and takes it to a whole new level.’
    • ‘In a nation where celebrities become politicians, here is one man who has flipped the script.’
    • ‘A creative who flipped the script and studied art first, Williams turned to acting to support his artistry.’
    • ‘Flipping the script, if developing countries were able to increase their share of world exports by just 5 percent, this would generate $700 billion.’
    • ‘Blending soul, jazz, funk, deep house and Latin grooves, the Movement crew is pretty much responsible for flipping the script in Toronto's club scene, injecting it with a refreshing dose of deep, organic tunes.’
    • ‘Taking their name from the Italian version of the Transformers TV show, this Berlin-based duo are out to flip the script on popular music.’
    • ‘Season two seems to have started with a bang: they did an admirable job of flipping the script on a lot of the season one stuff.’
    • ‘Designers at New York Fashion Week flipped the script on Friday, incorporating nighttime glamour into daytime classics/’