Definition of floatel in English:


(also flotel)

Pronunciation /flōˈtel/ /floʊˈtɛl/


  • 1A floating hotel, especially a boat used as a hotel.

    ‘Nothing is known of the plans for the disposal of waste and sewage; neither of those to deal with the inevitable oil, grease and other forms of pollution resulting from the operation of the boats, barges and floatels.’
    • ‘Those who took part in the survey voted two to one against the proposals to berth the so-called floatel alongside the Northern pier.’
    • ‘To allow the dumping vessel access up to the platform both at Everest and Lomond it will be necessary to lower one or two of the anchor wires of the respective flotels.’
    • ‘Increased waterway traffic could increase pollution, whilst floatels could involve higher noise levels and the unnatural use of floodlights, which could disturb wildlife, possibly altering natural breeding behaviour.’
    • ‘The idea of using flotels for asylum seekers was put on ice last year after strenuous opposition from a number of sources, including local politicians and harbour authorities, but the idea never died.’
    • ‘The protest was organised to highlight concerns at the planned introduction of flotels to house asylum-seekers recently arrived in the country.’
    • ‘The floatel now has wireless internet available to those of you that would like to bring a wireless enabled laptop computer.’
    • ‘A retired Galway harbourmaster, Captain Frank Sheridan, is to report to the government by the summer on the possibility of locating flotels in Irish ports to accommodate asylum seekers.’
    1. 1.1A vessel providing housing for workers on an offshore oil rig.
      ‘The skies over the floating accommodation platform, known as a floatel, were buzzing with fourteen circling rescue helicopters from oil supply companies, HM Coastguard, the Navy and RAF.’
      • ‘Built as an oil rig and then, at the last minute, changed into a floatel, the platform is a floating hotel for people working out to sea on oil and gas fields.’


1950s blend of float and hotel; compare with boatel.