Definition of floating kidney in English:

floating kidney

Pronunciation /ˈflōdiNG ˈkidnē/ /ˈfloʊdɪŋ ˈkɪdni/


  • 1A condition in which the kidneys are abnormally movable.

    • ‘This in turn leads to gastric atony, floating kidney, hernia, rectal prolapse, uterine prolapse and other forms of prolapse.’
    • ‘Although most of these new techniques and concepts were soundly based, others, such as floating kidney, were later ridiculed and discredited.’
    • ‘The 11th and 12th ribs were subluxated, giving the appearance of tumor, diagnosed as floating kidney.’
    1. 1.1A kidney which is abnormally movable.
      • ‘It may not matter much that his early critics included Leon Trotsky (who called him the floating kidney of the working class a conduit for all sorts of revolutionary excreta) or Ezra Pound (who called him an ignorant ape).’
      • ‘A friend of mine has been told that one of her cats has a floating kidney.’
      • ‘He said to her, "Ms Mattie, We cannot pray for you having a floating kidney." She smiled and said, "I really don't see why not."’
      • ‘Well, there's no way that you sit down as a writer and have a character pass out with bleeding urine and just magically end up 47 minutes later with a floating kidney.’


floating kidney

/ˈflōdiNG ˈkidnē/ /ˈfloʊdɪŋ ˈkɪdni/