Definition of floaty in English:


(also floatie)

adjectivefloatier, floatiest

  • (especially of a woman's garment or a fabric) light and flimsy.

    ‘elegant floaty dresses’
    • ‘For designers, lightness is all important with floaty fabrics.’
    • ‘The summer collection has opted for a very pretty look with the accent on floral prints, frills and floaty fabrics in a parade of colour.’
    • ‘Her ‘Vision of Eden’ collection featured plenty of her trademark beading with delicate, floaty dresses dripping with crystals and feathers.’
    • ‘Skin was definitely in, with most of the collection consisting of shorts just skimming the bottom under crop tops or transparent floor-length floaty coats.’
    • ‘The bride wore a white dress with a corset top and floaty skirt.’
    • ‘That's what DMs, trousers and long floaty skirts are for.’
    • ‘The entire show was a small preview of what will come next month; a selection Huang promises will include more airy pants, floaty dresses and tailored jackets using the HP Designjet printer.’
    • ‘The small collection of tops and skirts, based loosely on 1930s Chinese dresses, is elegant and demure, a long way from boho - the floaty skirts, peasant tops and leather disk belts her sister had us all wearing last summer.’
    • ‘A wide variety was on show with items such as long colourful floaty dresses and tops, tailored coats, funky knitwear and distressed jackets - all of which I have no doubt will be best sellers.’
    • ‘Teaming a beautiful three-quarter-length floaty dress with a tailored coat means you can splash out on a great hat, but, once you remove it and your coat, you are left with something ravishing to dance in.’
    • ‘Blonde, petite and attractive, Thompson had ditched her usual blue or black power-suit in favour of a pink jacket with matching high heels and a black floaty skirt.’
    • ‘Green and gold made a striking and summery combination, as demonstrated by Jennifer, in her floaty dress by Montage, which she wore with hat and bag from Tiffany and shoes from Shush.’
    • ‘The floaty dress made its regular appearance but Pucci cut it sexily onto the body with plunging V-necks and yokes which skirted slimmingly across the hips.’
    • ‘Look for green and peach in denim or cord with chevron stripes and floaty dresses.’
    • ‘Do you want it to smarten up your jeans, go over floaty dresses, or be worn with tailoring?’
    • ‘She's wearing a floaty, pink chiffon dress too, because she's so ‘special’ and ‘beautiful’, and not at all a drama queen!’
    • ‘Gill spent £270 on a floaty cream dress which she wore with a little cream hat: ‘I'd never spent so much on an outfit before.’’
    • ‘My body, naturally, is completely different, or enough so that I wear & look beautiful in short floaty white dresses which barely contain my heaving bosoms.’
    • ‘So look, I think black at a wedding is OK, but a floaty floral dress with strappy shoes, a wide-brimmed beribboned hat and a small fluffy rabbit is better.’
    • ‘One of our favourites was a really floaty outfit, a silk print top with matching silk skirt, turquoise silk shirt and silk neck tie, all from the Caramelo collection at Ela Maria.’
    ultra-fine, fine, diaphanous, gauzy, gauze-like, gossamer-thin, gossamer-like, gossamery, delicate, filmy, floaty, chiffony, cobwebby, feathery, silky, silken, wispy, thin, light, lightweight, insubstantial, papery, flimsy, frail


  • 1US informal An inflatable object on which a person may sit or recline while floating in water.

    ‘she plopped down on a pool floatie’
    1. 1.1floatiesInflatable armbands for children to wear as a swimming aid.
      ‘the one-year-old girl was in the pool wearing floaties’