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  • 1The lower surface of a room, on which one may walk.

    ‘he dropped the cup and it smashed on the floor’
    • ‘the kitchen floor’
    • ‘Unable to relax, Ben walked silently across the floor to the window and peered outside.’
    • ‘Do not let anyone walk on the floor before the finish is applied, or dirt might be tracked on the wood.’
    • ‘Near the spare bedroom, he pulled a cord hanging from the ceiling and a staircase lowered to the floor.’
    • ‘She picked Juliet's bathrobe up off the floor and walked into the bathroom.’
    • ‘I practically throw my stuff on the floor and walk to the kitchen feeling his eyes watch me.’
    • ‘The floor was the wooden planks and the walls and domed ceiling were of woven branches.’
    • ‘Trent helped me off the floor and walked me to the kitchen, where he sat me down in a chair.’
    • ‘She put the box on the floor and walked over to the photograph on the window sill.’
    • ‘Phil tossed his stuff onto the floor and walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water.’
    • ‘Her knee high boots clicked on the floor as she walked to the kitchen to snatch her lipstick.’
    • ‘I had to be careful to avoid the pieces of glass on the floor as I walked into the kitchen.’
    • ‘It touched down on the smooth metal floor, and a ramp lowered down to the floor.’
    • ‘Her steps sounded loud in the silence of the room as she walked across the floor to the black curtained bed.’
    • ‘She pushed open the door and threw her bag on the floor and walked over to me, wrapping her arms around my neck.’
    • ‘They walked a bit further until they reached a small wooden hatch in the floor.’
    • ‘Sighing heavily I picked myself up off the floor and walked back out into the hallways.’
    • ‘Then she pulled the long dress over her knees down to the floor and walked back into the bathroom.’
    • ‘Perhaps the most convenient vacuums to store, these are good for bare floors or area rugs.’
    • ‘A bare foot gives an immediate indication as to the comfort level of a given floor.’
    • ‘Also, you may want to test a small area of your floor before applying it everywhere.’
    ground, flooring
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    1. 1.1The bottom of the sea, a cave, or an area of land.
      ‘the ocean floor’
      • ‘Of course we shouldn't cover the ocean with plastic or dredge the sea floor or cut down forests.’
      • ‘The water rooms look much like this one, only rounded and the pool's bottom is the ocean floor.’
      • ‘To the east, the Eden valley provides a fertile contrast, with abundant pasture land along the valley floor.’
      • ‘Life is going to be deep underground, in the valley floors and deep caves, far from the surface.’
      • ‘This guy up here is a very close relative of the roly-poly, only it lives in the deep sea along the ocean floor.’
      • ‘She was a little unsure of her footing as she stepped off the bottom rung onto the cave floor.’
      • ‘Beloussov refused to believe in the regular magnetic striping of the ocean floor about the oceanic ridges.’
      • ‘Discarded nets drift through the sea and continue to kill fish on the ocean floor.’
      • ‘Sea cucumbers are common in shallow water areas to deep ocean floors.’
      • ‘Then the second reason, it is now known that all the continents, every continent, even ocean floors have moved towards the north pole, towards the Arctic.’
      • ‘In the columns of rock and on the floors of the caves lie fossil sponges, the stromatoporoids, and the curled-up shells of ammonites.’
      • ‘This permits the craft to explore about 99 percent of sea floors in the oceans of the world.’
      • ‘Jagged stalagmites pointed upward from the cave floor, encased in a crystal coat of ice.’
      • ‘It is a sea mountain, blasted by volcanic forces more than a mile up from the ocean floor, and stretching underwater for nine miles.’
      • ‘Back on the boat, Craig told me a little more about his forays to collect thermophiles on the ocean floor.’
      • ‘When an earthquake lifts the ocean floor, it heaves up a mass of water thousands of feet deep which then falls back.’
      • ‘I manage the orchard floor like I would the pasture because I consider it a benefit to have that long tall grass in there that offers a sanctuary for the beneficial insects.’
      • ‘Rising up from the canyon floor are layers of specialty retail shops and entertainment and dining venues.’
      • ‘To avoid unnecessary disturbance to the reef the water pipes would be sunk through the lagoon floor and out to sea, bringing up cold water from a depth of 600 to 1000 metres.’
      • ‘They pop open the cartridges and begin to paint with brushes, tossing spent containers to drift and litter the sea floor.’
      • ‘Plastic bags that sink to the sea floor can also suffocate and kill sea grasses.’
    2. 1.2 informal The ground.
      • ‘the best way to play is to pass the ball on the floor’
    3. 1.3A minimum level of prices or wages.
      ‘the dollar's floor against the yen’
      • ‘Government sets price ceilings and floors, dictates wages through laws and labor courts, and confiscates profits.’
      • ‘We know what rules make a difference: the most important are strong wage floors and collective bargaining protections.’
      • ‘As with other protectionist schemes, it is really about taxing Americans and imposing price floors to benefit a politically influential industry.’
      • ‘Monopolies, however, are formed when an industry uses government power to enforce a price floor.’
      • ‘When the share price of nearly every other airline has gone through the floor, Ryanair's has held up.’
      • ‘Instead of a single lock-in price, the lender sets a price range with a floor and ceiling.’
      • ‘At the time, the primary form of farm subsidy was price supports - price floors that are legally imposed above free-market prices.’
      • ‘Like the minimum wage, the national agreement may put a floor under wage increases, but nothing more.’
      • ‘It significantly lowered internal price floors towards world market levels, opened its market to imports, and agreed to subsidize fewer export goods.’
      • ‘It's an economic certainty: price floors cause a shortage of buyers.’
      • ‘Wage floors are an arbitrary act, set without regard to productivity.’
      • ‘This will continue to help to clear the backlog of cow beef and will also help to keep a floor under the price of poorer quality cattle.’
      • ‘But beyond a minimum floor, a modern social Europe can make more progress.’
      • ‘It's time to raise the wage floor in America so people who go to work every day can make a decent living.’
      • ‘This market remains buoyant and will keep a strong floor under lamb prices.’
      • ‘Price floors or ceilings can be used to demonstrate how changes in the institutional structure lead to changes in behavior and market performance.’
  • 2All the rooms or areas on the same level of a building; a story.

    as modifier, in combination ‘a third-floor apartment’
    • ‘his office was on the twenty-second floor’
    • ‘Three or four bricks were removed from the façade at all sides of the building and at all floor levels.’
    • ‘The cubic knuckle of the fermentation building, with three floors of temperature controlled rooms, acts as a hinge point between them.’
    • ‘The remaining section of the patio was raised to the level of the interior floors and paved with stone, giving it the look of a true outdoor room.’
    • ‘At approximately 45 ft, the tail height was nearly as tall as the first four floors of the building.’
    • ‘The Guvernment is a large building with two floors and three dance rooms.’
    • ‘Eventually, they came upon an apartment building with only two floors and three rooms on each floor.’
    • ‘Situated on the corner of Charlemont Street and Grand Parade, the office block is entered via a reception area where two lifts serve the building's five floors.’
    • ‘It also rents several floors in a building in the city's prime business area, away from the public university campuses.’
    • ‘The upper floors of the seven-storey building, including the split level penthouses, will go on sale later in the year for unspecified prices.’
    • ‘Hoardings in upmarket areas are put up on the fifth floor of buildings that are above 80 feet from ground.’
    • ‘The 889 square metre listed brick building has three floors over basement.’
    • ‘The suite is located on the third floor of the main building in an area known as the tower.’
    • ‘The skywalks will consist of three floors, three storeys above the street level.’
    • ‘It was only a single floor building, so we had a little bit of a drop, but it was nothing we couldn't handle.’
    • ‘The flats tower above you - there are perhaps twenty five floors in the building, which looks grimy and worn.’
    • ‘She said work on the top floor of the three storey building began in January and is expected to be finished by the end of this month.’
    • ‘The main floor of the new building will be level with the main floor of the old hospital, with a crawl space beneath.’
    • ‘The original building was two storeys with the upper floor being removed in 1866.’
    • ‘Imagine a room ten feet by twelve feet on the top floor of a crumbling building where not even the banisters are stable enough for you to put any weight on.’
    • ‘It looked like it went up to the floor above as well as down to the lower floors.’
    storey, level, tier, deck
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  • 3the floor(in a legislative assembly) the part of the house in which members sit and from which they speak.

    ‘I do not need those Labour members to shout across the floor of the House and tell me what to do.’
    • ‘There is a point of order on the floor, and both members are interjecting.’
    • ‘It is good that the Government has brought this motion to the floor of the House.’
    • ‘And if a government is defeated on an important point in committee it can usually have it reversed on the floor of the House.’
    • ‘Mr Mark interjected across the floor of the House that that was a lie.’
    • ‘This matter should be thrashed out on the floor of this House, and now.’
    • ‘I do not expect to deal with the details of written replies on the floor of the House, but I am happy for him to come and see me.’
    • ‘Well, I would argue that if that were true, there would be no need for this bill to be on the floor of the House today.’
    • ‘But this has to be one of the most poorly negotiated bills ever to hit the floor of the House.’
    • ‘The difficulty he has is that he called when he was on the floor of the House.’
    • ‘Perhaps the whip casting the vote could stand on the floor of the House and give us that assurance.’
    • ‘It is no use the Minister over there shouting across the floor of the House to me.’
    • ‘Free and open debate on the Senate floor ensures citizens a say in their government.’
    1. 3.1The right or opportunity to speak next in debate.
      ‘other speakers have the floor’
      • ‘I will give one further warning about interrupting while a member has the floor correctly on points of order.’
      • ‘It is not a point of order, but I will ask the member who has the floor to come back to the bill, please.’
    2. 3.2(in the Stock Exchange) the large central hall where trading takes place.
      as modifier ‘a floor trader’
      • ‘You know, more than half the people who are normally on the floor of the stock exchange were there.’
      • ‘Stock market trading via the exchange floor could not look any more chaotic.’



/flôr/ /flɔr/

transitive verb

[with object]
  • 1Provide (a room or area) with a floor.

    as adjective, in combination -floored ‘a stone-floored building’
    • ‘a hall floored in gleaming white oak’
    • ‘The interconnecting dining room is also floored in wood and retains its original cast-iron fireplace with tiled inset.’
    • ‘Two steps lead down to the kitchen, a bright room floored in quarry tiles and with polished wood presses providing plenty of storage.’
    • ‘On the ground floor, the entrance hall, living room and dining room are floored in French oak.’
    • ‘To the right, the family room is floored in handmade Mexican tiles and features recessed ceiling lighting.’
    • ‘The dining area is floored in oak and has French doors to the back garden.’
    • ‘As the garden is usually the last project on the list, the landscaper must negotiate a newly decorated, newly floored area to work on the site.’
    • ‘Stairs rise from the landing to the attic room, which is floored and panelled in wood and features two velux windows and a good amount of eaves storage.’
    • ‘The carpet ended and the room was floored in black concrete.’
    • ‘It has a terracotta colour scheme and room for a table to seat six, while the family room is floored in maple and fitted with recessed lighting.’
    • ‘The hallway is tiled in Italian marble while the two interconnecting reception rooms are floored in oak.’
    • ‘The breakfast room is floored in birch pine and leads into the kitchen, which has a number of wall and floor units, a tiled floor and tiled walls.’
    • ‘The kitchen area is floored in ceramic tiles while the dining area, like the remainder of the house, has wooden floors.’
    • ‘The dining area is floored in linoleum while the living area is carpeted and features a distinctive marble surround fireplace.’
    • ‘Double doors lead through to the dining room, which is floored in maple and has patio doors, while the third reception room is a family room.’
    • ‘An archway leads through to the living/dining room, which is floored in polished timber and retains its original ceiling coving, centre rose and picture rail.’
    • ‘Steps lead down to a family room, also floored in wood.’
    • ‘There is access from here to a partially floored attic with pull-down ladder.’
    • ‘There is a large shelved hot press with dual immersion in the landing while the attic is partially floored.’
    • ‘Pull-down stairs provide access to the attic which is floored and is used for storage.’
    • ‘From the landing there is access to the attic, which has been partially floored.’
  • 2 informal Knock (someone) to the ground, especially with a punch.

    • ‘the champion floored Close with an uppercut’
    • ‘Clay had been fortunate in two ways: the punch that floored him came at the very end of the round and near the ropes and the ropes cushioned his fall.’
    • ‘He showed plenty of endurance and came back into the fight until he was floored by a powerful punch to the ribs at the end of round eight.’
    • ‘One punch floored him and he began kicking him on the ground.’
    • ‘I ended up giving him one last punch that floored him.’
    • ‘The hungry challenger, acknowledged by Eubank as his best-ever opponent, out-boxed the champion and finally floored him in the 11 th round.’
    • ‘He was floored once in round 3, and then again in round 11.’
    • ‘Joel, were you hurt by the left hook that floored you?’
    • ‘They fought a hell of a battle in their first fight just five months earlier, where both fighters were floored a few times.’
    • ‘In round four Sonny finally connected with a long sweeping left hook that floored Martin by the ropes.’
    • ‘He was floored by Mesi in the fifth round and then survived the sixth round.’
    • ‘It is true that Iran floored Thomas with a short left hook in the fourth round.’
    • ‘If they were the only heavyweights left in a tournament stripped of its big names, the current US Open champion floored his opponent with contemptuous ease.’
    • ‘He established both punches early, flooring his opponent in the third while busting up his nose with a hard left hook.’
    • ‘In his next match he was floored twice and soundly beaten by the eventual tournament winner.’
    • ‘Immediately the silver-haired apprentice flowed into an uppercut, flooring his opponent.’
    • ‘In the third which proved costly for Sato, Jorrin sent the Japanese challenger down with a hard series of punches, followed by a stinging right which also floored him seconds later.’
    • ‘The former champion was floored 3 times in the second round.’
    • ‘With that Noel swings for his brother and floors him with one single punch and shrugs his shoulders.’
    • ‘The right hand that culminated in Swaby's downfall would probably have floored most cruiserweights in Britain.’
    • ‘He strode forward and punched Aeros hard across the face, completely flooring him.’
    knock down, knock over, bring down, fell, rugby-tackle, prostrate
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    1. 2.1Baffle or confound (someone) completely.
      ‘that question floored him’
      • ‘I then quickly flipped through the paper until I found the article in question and was immediately floored by the shear magnitude of it.’
      • ‘I said nothing, completely floored by his question.’
      • ‘To tell the truth, I was completely floored with the whole story.’
      • ‘There's a moment in the movie that absolutely floored me.’
      • ‘I am absolutely floored that the company has done something so bizarre.’
      • ‘Simba looked at him, totally floored by his behavior.’
      • ‘I'm utterly floored by the realization and pull away from him as though he's just scalded me.’
      • ‘I mean, time and time again, he floors me with his great acting!’
      • ‘That last minute of swooping sound floors you, pins you with its brilliance.’
      • ‘I was totally floored and was sure that my mouth was hitting the ground.’
      baffle, defeat, perplex, puzzle, nonplus, mystify, confound, bewilder, bemuse, dumbfound, confuse, discomfit, disconcert, throw
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/flôr/ /flɔr/


    from the floor
    • (of a speech or question) delivered by an individual member at a meeting, not by a representative on the platform.

      ‘questions from the floor will be invited’
      • ‘Much interest was shown in the subject by members and many questions were asked from the floor.’
      • ‘A selection of your questions will be asked from the floor of the event in Derry.’
      • ‘The only sign of passion he showed on Wednesday was when he answered a question from the floor about fishing quotas.’
      • ‘Sparked by a question from the floor, the panel returned to this with some passion.’
      • ‘The accounts were opened to questions from the floor and there were no points arising.’
      • ‘There were only three questions from the floor and all were of a technical nature.’
      • ‘Afterwards he will take questions from the floor and post-show he will sign copies of his novels.’
      • ‘There had been some hostile questions from the floor, but in the end there was loud applause at the outcome.’
      • ‘It was only when the moderator took questions from the floor that the discussion became more pointed.’
      • ‘He also answered questions from the floor, and one of his answers intrigued me.’
    take the floor
    • 1Begin to dance on a dance floor.

      ‘Even before the acclaimed Irish dance company Riverdance takes the floor of the Shanghai Grand Stage, the principal dancers have already won over Shanghai audiences.’
      • ‘When the newlywed couple take the floor for their first dance, it will be to the strains of Bert's favourite song, the Rod Stewart classic, Maggie May.’
      • ‘He was a keen music lover and was a great fan of old time dancing and loved to take the floor at the many dances in St. Brigid's Hall over the years.’
      • ‘Couples took the floor and danced before the beautiful music.’
      • ‘After the ceremony and a formal four-course dinner reception, the bride and groom took the floor for their first dance.’
      • ‘Anyone with a love of fun and traditional music and dance is invited to come along and take the floor at The Castlecourt Hotel on Wednesday evening, September 24th at 9.30 pm.’
      • ‘After the crowning ceremony and many pictures, Anton and Bola took the floor and danced the traditional King and Queen's slow dance.’
      • ‘I was gone before she took the floor for old-time waltzes.’
    • 2Speak in a debate or assembly.

      ‘And that's when she took the floor, speaking in defence of women's rights until she was out of time and forced to stop.’
      • ‘Most of the right-wing and left-wing opposition MPs taking the floor during the debates voiced suspicions about the matter.’
      • ‘He takes the floor at a meeting of a rebel faction to speak decisively against certain Red Guards and end a stalemate.’
      • ‘On October 9, while the Senate was still debating the Iraq resolution, Wellstone took the floor to ask unanimous consent to take up his bill, which was co-sponsored by 32 Senators.’
      • ‘Even before Bush spoke, Senate Republicans announced plans to take the floor this morning to offer supportive commentary.’
      • ‘On Thursday, Dr. Frist took the floor and declared, unequivocally: ‘We need to do it this year.’’
      • ‘On March 27, 1986, John Kerry took the floor of the U.S. Senate and delivered a dramatic oration indicting the foreign policy of the Reagan administration.’
      • ‘When he took the floor of the parliament and quoted at length from a book that I co-authored, he used my writing for purposes that are quite at odds with my own.’
      • ‘In the midst of an appropriations debate in the House last week, a fairly anonymous member took the floor.’
      • ‘Tooker took the floor and began talking about environmental issues in cities, about conservation, cars, smog, and rational transportation systems.’


Old English flōr, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch vloer and German Flur.