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floor lamp

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mainly North American
  • A tall lamp designed to stand on the floor.

    ‘In terms of function, this room could be improved with the addition of another reading light, perhaps a floor lamp standing between the sofa and the chair.’
    • ‘There was a ceiling fan and light fixture, along with a tall floor lamp next to each bunk bed.’
    • ‘A basic floor lamp, or directional lamp that can allow light to be shaded upon a wall or ceiling, can draw attention to any desired area or emphasize ceiling height.’
    • ‘There are new curtains and a floor lamp along with new sofa pillows to accent the updated covers on the chair and sofa.’
    • ‘The cigarette, and the floor lamp near the desk, were the only light that could be seen in the office.’
    • ‘It was a hotel, dark except for the light from an open elevator and a floor lamp by one couch.’
    • ‘Liz screams, grabbing my head and cradling it as I collide with a bookshelf on my way down, upsetting an armchair, a floor lamp, and a serving tray filled with crumpets.’
    • ‘In Lanny's living room, Sugar has her own dog-sized, fully-upholstered sofa, complete with her own floor lamp.’
    • ‘A large sofa was next to the door, with a floor lamp on the corner.’
    • ‘A large, ornate desk dominated the little office, lit by a black floor lamp.’
    • ‘Jessie sat down on the couch, and turned on the floor lamp.’
    • ‘Baum also paints flat, solid semi-abstract shapes that suggest foliage, rocks, a floor lamp or tall studio windows with rain running down the outside.’
    • ‘We haven't checked into prices for the electrical and drywall work, but we were wondering if a floor lamp or two would also be a cost effective and attractive alternative.’
    • ‘My parents had friends who would drive around town on garbage day, looking at what people left by the curb, pulling over to throw a chair or an old floor lamp into their trunk.’
    • ‘She'd set up her inflatable mattress just by the short hall, and moved the floor lamp over next to it in case she had any late-night reading.’
    • ‘There was a wooden crate at the end of the bed, and a floor lamp with five different bulbs that you could control where the light shined near the head of the bed.’
    • ‘Jackson was saying goodnight and switching off his floor lamp by the time I was already drifting off into my heavy sleep.’
    • ‘So preoccupied was she that she failed to notice a small floor lamp and ran smack into it, books scattering everywhere.’
    • ‘A bulbless floor lamp painted yellow sits on a pink bucket beside the table.’
    • ‘Bits of intricately cut paper define a pair of dogs, a floor lamp, even the stripes of the man's pants.’


floor lamp

/ˈflô(ə)r ˌlamp/ /ˈflɔ(ə)r ˌlæmp/