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floor leader

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  • The leader of a party in a legislative assembly.

    • ‘Wallace began his statewide political career as a legislative floor leader for Folsom.’
    • ‘The group elected Nikolov as its floor leader.’
    • ‘Coach is a great defensive coach, a motivation and he pushes me to be the floor leader and get the ball to the right people.’
    • ‘Marbury was solid in his first year in Phoenix (as KJ was in his) but a nagging ankle injury and player and coaching movement prevented him from showcasing his full talent as a floor leader.’
    • ‘‘St. John's has an excellent floor leader,’ Tubby Smith says.’
    • ‘Stockton, 39, isn't quite the player he was five or 10 years ago, but he's still an incredible passer, a fine shooter and an outstanding floor leader.’
    • ‘The floor leader was an undrafted rookie free agent who six years earlier stood willing to give up his basketball dream for the streets of Atlanta.’
    • ‘The floor leader of the House of Representatives is a vehement opponent.’
    • ‘He didn't shoot well, wasn't as effective a floor leader as he's been in the past, and had differences of opinion with coaches and other players.’
    • ‘He is a floor leader who doesn't make a lot of mistakes.’
    • ‘But Williams is still proving himself as a floor leader, and the key contributors are still extremely inexperienced.’
    • ‘The steady hand of an experienced floor leader is invaluable, analogous to a quarterback in football and pitcher in baseball.’
    • ‘If the team loses him, it needs a steady floor leader who doesn't do anything special but avoids stupid mistakes and has a great feel for the game.’
    • ‘This draft is deep in point guards, but not the point guards who were expected to make this a smorgasbord for teams searching for a floor leader.’
    • ‘He is a fiery floor leader, and his all-around skills have improved.’
    • ‘I was the pro-choice floor leader when the bill passed the Maryland House of Delegates in 1991.’
    • ‘He's a natural floor leader, will pass the ball when Kobe tells him to and can hit open shots.’
    • ‘She is definitely our floor leader and our general and she can definitely lead us to gold.’
    • ‘Many of the team's woes over the years can be tied to the lack of a floor leader who looks to pass first.’
    • ‘If you learn how to take charge of your team now, you will be a great floor leader as you get older.’


floor leader