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floor plan

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  • A scale diagram of the arrangement of rooms in one story of a building.

    ‘These locations can be the site of a building, the floor plan of a house or just the layout of a room.’
    • ‘Together, measure the room and make a floor plan on graph paper.’
    • ‘Add to your file a detailed floor plan of your room noting windows, doors and other permanent fixtures in the room such as fireplaces.’
    • ‘So he and Kim created a simple floor plan whose room sizes and openings line up more precisely than in a typical American house.’
    • ‘The building had a streamlined floor plan, a streamlined look, and a streamlined construction.’
    • ‘She thundered down the stairs and took a sharp right, remembering the floor plan of the apartment building from her briefing.’
    • ‘The floor plan is open and designed to encourage interaction.’
    • ‘I hope she finds something soon, of course, but not before she designs the floor plan for my new loft.’
    • ‘I filled her in and described the floor plan of the new family activity center.’
    • ‘The relative statuses of the different generations are evident in the floor plan and dimensions of a building and its rooms.’
    • ‘Draw a floor plan of your home showing two ways out of each room, including doors and windows.’
    • ‘Keeping the floor plan intact, the design team began adding layers of island-inspired warmth.’
    • ‘These changes make designing the floor plan a very complicated jigsaw puzzle.’
    • ‘He found it about five feet from the emergency entrance, just as the floor plan had indicated.’
    • ‘Occasionally, the additional space for a control room expansion can be found by revising an existing floor plan.’
    • ‘The floor plan includes both smoking and nonsmoking betting rooms, a bar, and VIP section.’
    • ‘A floor plan for each addition to the building makes the discussions of expansion easy to understand.’
    • ‘He pulled apart the floor plan to create two separate strands of buildings.’
    • ‘If you know what furnishings you are keeping in the room, measure them up and cut out scale models you can move around your floor plan.’
    • ‘To encourage downsizing, the movers have their customers place models of their furniture on a floor plan of the new apartment.’


floor plan

/ˈflô(ə)r ˌplan/ /ˈflɔ(ə)r ˌplæn/