Definition of floozy in English:


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nounplural noun floozies

(also floozie)
dated, humorous
  • A young woman who has many casual sexual partners or who dresses or behaves in a sexually provocative way.

    ‘he runs off with some floozy that's only interested in fame and money’
    • ‘she learns her husband is cheating on her with a blond floozy’
    • ‘This at first appears to be a forgotten reference to the round-heeled shoes worn by floozies in some historical period though, in fact having round heels just means she's more likely to fall over on her back: to be, literally, a pushover.’
    • ‘The long scene in which James lies in Josie's arms and confesses his worst sin - that he missed his mother's funeral because he was holed up drunk with a floozy - becomes a stirring act of sexual healing.’
    • ‘Receiving an anonymous tip that her husband is fooling around with a floozy named Bridget the woman goes stomping out into the terrified city, bent on revenge.’
    • ‘What he may see as some harmless fun with floozies or a simple night clubbing becomes one more nail in the coffin of his reputation.’
    • ‘For example, if you like the idea of being playfully seduced by 1890s Parisian floozies, you may want to catch A Night at the Moulin Rouge.’
    • ‘I don't know how many floozies I've had to beat off with a stick who were using me to get to him.’
    • ‘Starring Linda Griffiths as Ripples, a boozing floozy with a weak spot for a pimp who throws her out, The Blues is darkly comical as it plays out the desperation and dreams of four characters in a dingy New York bar.’
    • ‘After 16 years, Hayes says she is still an ‘insatiable plant lover: I think of myself as a flower floozy.’’
    • ‘Anyone who supposes modern British casinos to be peopled by Roger Moore lookalikes in white tuxedos and glamorous floozies in slinky dresses has clearly never visited one.’
    • ‘He's busy, or at work, or off with his floozy of the moment.’
    • ‘If the large-breasted floozy in her designer duct-tape bustier can get attention, then why can't I?’
    • ‘I am not a French floozy lured into Armand's little organisation by thoughts of glamour or whatever it is that draws people to that man.’
    • ‘I stood and approached the table, braced to counteract the floozy's attempt at lyrical, banana-rich muffin eroticism with my own rational, short-lined, logical narration.’
    • ‘The blinding sheet rains back down upon us, laden with soggy trash tossed out by the infidel at the helm and the flame-haired floozy in the Band-Aid bikini sitting next to him.’
    • ‘He's still dancing with the floozy that had dragged him off at the beginning of the night which is quite surprising; I'd have thought that one of them would have ditched the other by now.’
    • ‘Equally outstanding is Miranda Richardson, who plays both Spider's mother and the floozy his dad brings home from the pub.’
    • ‘She made her screen debut in 1990 as Verna, a two-bit floozy in the Coen Brothers' Prohibition gangster saga Miller's Crossing.’
    • ‘The beginning of this film shows former Brady mom Florence Henderson as a floozy wearing part of some smeared clown makeup.’
    • ‘Even the local floozy Suzy looks like she smells of unshaved armpits, onions, and gin soaked halitosis.’



/ˈflo͞ozē/ /ˈfluzi/


Late 19th century perhaps related to flossy or to dialect floosy ‘fluffy’.