Definition of floret in English:


Pronunciation /ˈflôrət/ /ˈflɔrət/

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  • 1Botany
    One of the small flowers making up a composite flower head.

    ‘The outermost two rows of florets on the flower head opened and anthesed on the same day.’
    • ‘Each panicle was individually labelled with its flowering date, defined as the day on which pollen had been released in approximately two-thirds of the florets composing the panicle.’
    • ‘It starts blooming in midsummer with huge panicles of showy, white florets surrounding smaller fertile flowers.’
    • ‘The fertility of all florets on panicles on which florets started to open on the first day of treatment and finished opening before the last day of treatment was examined at maturity.’
    • ‘Each of these flower stalks has fewer florets, but the plant as a whole is quite lovely.’
    • ‘The plants, ranging from two to six feet in height, have sturdy sword-shaped leaves and produce flower spikes with trumpet-shaped florets borne in double rows.’
    • ‘Cut the seedheads when the majority of seeds have formed - about 2-to-3 weeks after the blossoming starts - even though some tiny florets may still be blooming.’
    bloom, blossom, floweret, floret
    1. 1.1One of the flowering stems making up a head of cauliflower or broccoli.
      ‘The accompanying vegetables were good too; finely-sliced gratin potatoes in a light cheese sauce, delicious boiled new potatoes in their skins, deep-fried cauliflower florets in batter, broccoli and carrots.’
      • ‘The base could be covered with puréed spinach and topped with florets of broccoli and cauliflower, still with cheese.’
      • ‘We serve broccoli stems and florets steamed and tossed with a vinaigrette salad dressing just as you would a salad.’
      • ‘Both dishes came with fresh, seasonal vegetables including roast and boiled potatoes, cauliflower florets and carrots.’
      • ‘Both dishes came with broccoli florets, peas, carrots and new potatoes all cooked to perfection, although the potatoes would have been tastier if a little butter had been melted over them.’
      • ‘It was served with a selection of silver-skin cocktail onions and cauliflower florets which had been pickled in vinegar so astringent it made my tongue shrivel and my teeth feel funny.’
      • ‘For those who like steamed vegetables, it is best to cut the broccoli into florets and steam it either in the microwave oven or directly on the gas.’
      • ‘Other options for vegetarians were spinach and parsley croquets or fried cauliflower florets with cheese sauce.’
      • ‘I thought I'd fill up on our side orders of the broccoli florets with almond butter and purée of carrots and celery.’
      • ‘Broccoli stalks are puréed with butter to make a silky sauce for broccoli florets and pasta in a dish that has become one of my favorites.’
    2. 1.2A small flower.
      ‘For the piece de résistance, set all within a naturalized sea of camassia bulbs with their tall greenish spires and soft blue florets that bloom for weeks on end in late spring.’
      • ‘Similarly, in freesia florets the increase in perianth sugars was more than 10 times higher than the decrease in starch content.’
      • ‘Subsequent growth determines the fraction of the potential florets that develop into flowers, and eventually to fruits and seeds.’
      • ‘They become yellow about the time they are extruded from the florets at flowering and then turn white.’
      sprout, shoot, flowerlet, floret


Late 17th century from Latin flos, flor- ‘flower’+ -et.