Definition of flower girl in English:

flower girl

Pronunciation /ˈflaʊəɡɜːl/

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  • 1A young girl who carries flowers or scatters them in front of the bride at a wedding; a child bridesmaid.

    ‘They got to the church and were all immediately herded downstairs into the church basement, along with the bride, the flower girl, the ringbearer and the groomsmen.’
    • ‘The young flower girl, merely the age of five, had gotten the back of her dress tangled and luckily was caught before proceeding gallantly down the aisle to flash some of the guests.’
    • ‘They were at a wedding being the flower girl and boy.’
    • ‘Her sister just couldn't seem to find the right bridesmaid and flower girl dresses for her wedding that wasn't due until another two months.’
    • ‘Mum helped Judy find work, introduced her to her husband and I was the flower girl at their wedding.’
    • ‘Fifi, the poodle, makes headlines when she stars as a flower girl at a wedding.’
    • ‘She was wearing an adorable flower girl dress, and carried a basket of rose petals that she scattered along the way.’
    • ‘Wedding, bridesmaid and flower girl dresses are becoming more individual now, reflecting different tastes and lifestyles.’
    • ‘A banned driver who knocked down a five-year-old girl as she showed off her wedding day flower girl's outfit has been jailed for a total of 12 months.’
    • ‘I've been a flower girl, a bridesmaid and even a maid of honor, and because of that I had no choice but to take dance lessons.’
    • ‘I was supposed to walk into the church with Trevor because Erica couldn't think of any little girl to be a flower girl.’
    • ‘Mabel, my young sister, dressed in the splendor of the flower girl's regalia, beaming me her sunny, unmarred smile as I brushed my hand past hers on the way to the altar.’
    • ‘A tiny ring boy, who seemed a little intimidated by all the people watching him, hurried right behind the flower girl, seeming unable to get to the front soon enough.’
    • ‘I was the flower girl at Brad and Suzanne's wedding.’
    • ‘As the flower girl teetered down the aisle, scattering imaginary petals, Paul started to think about his future again.’
    • ‘The various students who were serving the bride and groom as the ring boy and the flower girl came in, dressed very well.’
    • ‘Then she positioned herself behind her younger cousin Ashley, who was the flower girl.’
    • ‘She is happy that we're planning a fall ceremony, which we brazenly refer to as a wedding, because it means she gets to be a flower girl.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the flower girl pouts and insists that she is a good girl and that the notetaker is not a gentleman.’
    • ‘The girls got their final fittings for their flower girl dresses and look great.’
  • 2British dated A woman or girl who sells flowers, especially in the street.

    ‘The Mexican woman is a flower girl on the streets of New Orleans.’
    • ‘We walked to the corner near Baker Street where the man was still talking with the flower girl.’
    • ‘Bingley Little Theatre stages the play about the phonetics professor who teaches a Cockney flower girl to speak properly.’