Definition of fluid in English:


Pronunciation /ˈflo͞oid/ /ˈfluɪd/

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  • A substance that has no fixed shape and yields easily to external pressure; a gas or (especially) a liquid.

    ‘we all need several glasses of fluid a day’
    • ‘a cleaning fluid’
    flowing substance
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  • 1(of a substance) able to flow easily.

    ‘the paint is more fluid than tube watercolors’
    • ‘a fluid medium’
    1. 1.1Not settled or stable; likely or able to change.
      ‘our plans are still fluid’
      • ‘the fluid political situation of the 1930s’
    2. 1.2Smoothly elegant or graceful.
      • ‘her movements were fluid and beautiful to watch’
    3. 1.3(of a clutch or coupling) using a liquid to transmit power.


Late Middle English (as an adjective): from French fluide or Latin fluidus, from fluere ‘to flow’.