Definition of fluorescein in English:



  • An orange dye with a yellowish-green fluorescence, used as an indicator and tracer.

    A derivative of resorcinol and phthalic anhydride; chemical formula: C₂₀H₁₂O₅

    ‘To this purpose we have considered four dyes, namely: indo - 1, rhodamine 6G, fluorescein, and pyrene.’
    • ‘Quinine bisulfate was used as the standard for the bisbenzimide dyes, for PIH and ethidium bromide the standard used was rhodamine 101 and fluorescein was used for the cyanine dyes.’
    • ‘Anole splenocytes were phagocytically active and produced copious amounts of nitric oxide following exposure to fluorescein labeled E. coli bioparticles.’
    • ‘A generation - 5 dendrimer platform with fluorescein, folic acid, and methotrexate on its surface may be better at killing tumor cells in vitro than a free drug.’
    • ‘Rhodamine and fluorescein signals were observed using a fluorescence microscope with the appropriate filters.’



/ˈflo͝orəsēn/ /ˈflʊrəsin/ /ˈflôrəsēn/ /ˈflɔrəsin/


Late 19th century from fluorescence+ -in.