Definition of fluorite in English:



  • A mineral consisting of calcium fluoride which typically occurs as cubic crystals, colorless when pure but often colored by impurities.

    ‘A greisen is a quartz - mica aggregate containing significant amounts of cassiterite, wolframite, fluorite, topaz, rutile, and tourmaline.’
    • ‘Stalactite-like structures were common in the Black Sheep pocket, forming knobs and fingers of matrix covered with druzy quartz, fluorite, and galena crystals.’
    • ‘Coexisting MI phases in these rocks include garnet, plagioclase, quartz, tourmaline and fluorite.’
    • ‘We looked at outcrops by the open pit and saw vugs everywhere with remnants of fluorite and barite crystals.’
    • ‘Most specimens are on a typical brown goethite matrix and may have associated calcite, plattnerite, barite, fluorite, and hemimorphite.’



/ˈflôˌrīt/ /ˈflɔˌraɪt/


Mid 19th century from fluor (see fluorspar) + -ite.