Definition of flying boat in English:

flying boat

Pronunciation /ˈˌflīiNG ˈbōt/ /ˈˌflaɪɪŋ ˈboʊt/

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  • A large seaplane that lands with its fuselage in the water.

    ‘Unlike float planes, flying boats land on the water on their fuselage as well as on their wing floats.’
    • ‘The Short Empire flying boats were extremely successful aircraft that helped extend the airways to all corners of the British empire.’
    • ‘I was a fan of the great flying boat airlines of the 1930s and 1940s so I knew this was a trip not to be missed.’
    • ‘The craft is a biplane flying boat that is thought to have been designed and built immediately after the Great War.’
    • ‘In actuality, the flying boat was not over water but was 22 miles inland when it hit the mountain just below its ridge top at about 2500-ft of elevation.’
    • ‘In addition, many large aircraft of the period were either water-based aircraft such as flying boats, or were based on civil designs.’
    • ‘They had received a contract to build two Curtiss HS2L flying boats from the US Navy and they needed the help of Northrop.’
    • ‘We waited three days in Calcutta for a BOAC flying boat to Karachi.’
    • ‘The only consolation we had was that at least we were going to be flying single-engine aircraft and not the PBM flying boats at Mainside to which some of our former classmates had been assigned.’
    • ‘Soon after the war was over, the availability of these long paved runways, along with the accelerated development of aircraft technology, combined to render the flying boats obsolete.’
    • ‘It is claimed to be the world's first commercial flying boat, the Flightship, quite unlike flying boats of summers past which were planes that landed on water, rather than boats that flew.’
    • ‘The loan of a USN helicopter for combat search and rescue duties in place of the obsolete Sea Otter biplane flying boat had an outstanding effect on aircrew morale.’
    • ‘Once in Japan, one airframe was immediately transferred to Kawanishi who took the flying boat completely apart to examine American construction techniques.’
    • ‘Inside the watertight aluminum hull of their flying boat, the crew felt no real sense of danger.’
    • ‘The British No. 46 Group operated a more mixed force, including Sunderland flying boats, from eight airfields and one water base.’
    • ‘All ten of the bomber's crewmen were picked up by two British flying boats.’
    • ‘But just as dangerous was attempting to land his flying boat in the Sound of Mull without any navigational aids and in complete darkness.’
    • ‘Since the plane was a flying boat, there is some speculation how it was flown.’
    • ‘Interestingly, a number of returning American Volunteer Group pilots would join AEA to pilot the flying boats.’
    • ‘Second prize went to regular entrant Steven Heyen for his oil painting, Better Late Than Never, which depicts the arrival of two Sunderland flying boats over Sydney's North Head in 1944.’