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focus group

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  • A demographically diverse group of people assembled to participate in a guided discussion about a particular product before it is launched, or to provide ongoing feedback on a political campaign, television series, etc.

    ‘Three constructions of sovereignty were produced through the focus group discussion.’
    • ‘You see, for a couple of years in the mid 1990s I had the chance to participate in a ThinkPad focus group.’
    • ‘Think of the money we'll make by eliminating the risk of acts that aren't the product of a focus group!’
    • ‘You may have heard of or even participated in a focus group.’
    • ‘The education focus group discussed core curriculums for specialty nursing groups.’
    • ‘Eight patients and six spouses participated in a focus group.’
    • ‘He had organized a focus group of Democratic voters for a recent presidential debate.’
    • ‘A focus group of society members discussed the issue, and the majority favoured banning A-boards.’
    • ‘It helped us out a lot to do our first focus group and have people tell us how much they liked the music.’
    • ‘Better to use your family as a political sounding board than a focus group in a front room in Luton.’
    • ‘The following table groups topics that people in the focus group mentioned as of high interest to them.’
    • ‘A guide containing open-ended questions was developed to steer the focus group discussions.’
    • ‘During the focus group discussions, which were guided but never led, the subtleties of such terms were explored more fully.’
    • ‘The focus group meetings and feedback from patients and carers led to significant changes in the information leaflets.’
    • ‘She said further meetings with a working group, referred to by MARA as a focus group, would be held in January.’
    • ‘People can make their point to the council by post, on the internet, over the phone or as part of a focus group.’
    • ‘Apparently the movie was put to a focus group to get an idea of what people would think of it.’
    • ‘Of course, the people recruited to participate are critical to the success of the focus group.’
    • ‘In our next focus group we will be concentrating more on feedback from a female audience.’
    • ‘The focus group will never tell the political leader and it will never tell the newspaper editor.’


focus group

/ˈfōkəs ˌɡro͞op/ /ˈfoʊkəs ˌɡrup/