Definition of fogbow in English:



  • A phenomenon similar to a rainbow, produced by sunlight shining on fog.

    • ‘Lunar rainbows, cloudbows and fogbows are similar to rainbows but are generally much fainter.’
    • ‘About 10 days later I documented a natural fogbow in sunlight from the laboratory, through a polarizer.’
    • ‘The smallness of the drops explains the frequent appearance of the fogbow in connection with the glory.’
    • ‘Very cold air can't hold as much moisture as warmer air, and therefore fogbows often appear in cold areas.’
    • ‘The above striking image of a fogbow was taken last week with the Sun behind the photographer.’
    • ‘Although the lower part wasn't very strong the full 360 degrees of fogbow was visible, most of it is recorded here.’
    • ‘It is practically impossible to see the Chromophyton fogbow with naked eye because it is so broad and diffuse.’
    • ‘The fogbow is much broader than a rainbow and the colours overlap so much that the result is almost colourless.’
    • ‘This photo shows the complete 360-degree round primary fogbow, a rare sight in nature.’
    • ‘There are very good images of rainbows but also lots of other interesting ones like sundogs and fogbows.’
    • ‘Cloudbows and fogbows are usually seen in foggy conditions.’
    • ‘As rainbows and fogbows form under very similar conditions, I thought that it also should be possible to observe rainbows in diverging light.’
    • ‘You can get an explanation of the optics behind fogbows as well as a collection of other stunning images on this Atmospheric Optics webpage.’
    • ‘The picture of this fogbow was made overlooking a valley adjacent to Mauna Kea.’
    • ‘Fog and clouds contain such small droplets, and thus the bows arising from them are known as fogbows or cloudbows rather than rainbows.’
    • ‘If the mist has a distance of more than about 50 m you also can see the more extended fogbow.’
    • ‘Unlike rainbows, fogbows are rare because the light source has to be low at the back of the observer and the fog mostly in the opposite direction.’
    • ‘The above photo showing a dim but nonetheless delightful Moon fogbow was taken on the night of March 25.’