Definition of foley in English:



as modifier
  • Relating to or concerned with the addition of recorded sound effects after the shooting of a film.

    ‘the aural details that foley artists duplicate’
    • ‘Most of the foley work was recorded in the same rooms where the scenes were actually shot.’
    • ‘Dialogue was clear and the foley effects approached naturalism.’
    • ‘When you hear that sound in the movies, it is usually due to foley effects.’
    • ‘We did almost no foley work other than punch and stab sounds, and there was no ADR or looping of any kind.’
    • ‘Actors, foley artist and musician work well together and everyone looks as if they are having great fun.’



/ˈfōlē/ /ˈfoʊli/


Named after the US film technician Jack Foley (1891–1967), the inventor of the process.