Definición de folie de grandeur en inglés

folie de grandeur


  • Delusions of grandeur.

    ‘Hopefully, it was not a harbinger of more delusional folie de grandeur.’
    • ‘For the whole folie de grandeur of this absurd project points to a genuine revolution in ‘brand reinforcement.’’
    • ‘‘The Daily Mail maybe, but this sounds like folie de grandeur,’ he says.’
    • ‘Attempting to be a hagiography of everybody involved, it becomes instead a satire of the whole folie de grandeur of this absurd project.’
    • ‘For ETO to do Bohème in Italian is folie de grandeur on a mind-boggling scale.’
    • ‘Is it their strangeness or their sheer folie de grandeur which attracts me to them?’
    • ‘In old age he was taken by folie de grandeur and bankrupted himself with ventures.’
    • ‘Critique, elegant confusion, and folie de grandeur are inherently interesting, and in a way you don't want the mystique dispelled by too many details.’
    • ‘Mountbatten who accused him of folie de grandeur dismissed the idea of taking over the country as rank treason and told King to get out when he put it to him.’
    • ‘In the first place it encouraged a certain folie de grandeur in terms of my literary aspirations and my estimation of my own talent.’
    • ‘This is not only a folie de grandeur, given that it will be American soldiers who will end up doing the fighting.’
    • ‘He has fallen into a folie de grandeur, however, if he believes we can will a gallon of gas into our tank or a loaf of bread onto our table.’
    delusions of grandeur, obsessionalism, grandiosity, grandioseness


folie de grandeur

/ˈfôˌlēdəɡrɒNˈdər/ /ˈfɔˌlidəɡrɒ̃ˈdər/