Definition of folky in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfōkē/ /ˈfoʊki/

adjectivefolkier, folkiest

another term for folksy or folkish
‘I've shifted from being all Gaelic to being a mixture of both, but in a folky way.’
  • ‘It starts off with a 1: 30-long track that's just handclaps and vocals, but doesn't sound particularly folky.’
  • ‘Although Copperspine is happy with this recent success, it's business as usual for them - they're sticking to their artist-centred, folky guns.’
  • ‘I didn't fancy the look of the lyrics on the website, nor the description of his new album as ‘folk’, and the song itself is, well, folky.’
  • ‘Mary Lou's folky interpretations are not better than the originals; they're different, pared down, just a girl and a guitar.’
  • ‘On the TV once, Donna Air's first question to folky siblings The Corrs was: ‘So how did you first meet?’’
  • ‘A Northern Rivers resident for just over a month now, Lisa is already building up a strong local following with her folky, acoustic performances.’
  • ‘Mercer's voice is unexpectedly beautiful with a great range, which lends a folky richness that works well for this catchy indie-rock band.’
  • ‘But one real highlight is Elliott Smith's folky lethargy on ‘Needle in the Hay’.’
  • ‘If you like the moody and folky sound coming out of Glasglow these days, you can't go wrong with Y'all Get Scared Now Ya Hear.’
  • ‘Her voice is almost a little girlish while still being intensely adult and slightly reminiscent of a folky, 60's goddess.’
  • ‘The opening act was Amos Lee, an amazing, folky, charismatic singer/songwriter who was just accompanied by his guitar.’
  • ‘Plenty of folky singer-songwriters have a reputation for making introspective, melancholy music, but none quite like Smith's.’
  • ‘Her music, soft, almost folky, retains enough rhythm to be labelled rock, but throwing any clumsy label on it is not any critic's place.’
  • ‘A formidable songstress in her own right, the West Philly native comes home for an intimate evening of folky soul.’
  • ‘I'm so impressed with these guys folky side projects.’
  • ‘‘It was weird, we started getting all these reviews saying we were quite folky sounding,’ he says.’
  • ‘There's adult music that I like, world beat or rootsy, folky stuff, but you won't see the band doing much adult music.’
  • ‘It's a moody blend that makes me think of bands like the Rheostatics or other folky, 70's inspired bands.’
  • ‘It gives a similar soothing and tranquil atmosphere but not boring, with its folky textures and jazz inflected sounds.’