Definition of follicle mite in English:

follicle mite


  • A parasitic mite which burrows into the hair follicles, causing demodectic mange.

    Genus Demodex, family Demodicidae

    • ‘One of my favourites is a follicle mite, a weird little critter with a long, thin body perfectly suited to its favourite habitat, the hair follicles on our faces.’
    • ‘Some researchers theorize that follicle mites may even benefit us in ways we do not yet understand.’
    • ‘Accumulation of waste material of the follicle mite may occur in affected follicles or sebaceous glands.’
    • ‘Irritation from the follicle mite causes hair loss and thickened, reddened, wrinkled skin.’
    • ‘Hair follicle mites are harmless, though may be associated in some individuals with a type of acne.’
    • ‘However, he also cautioned that follicle mites have NOT been collected and identified from bald birds.’
    • ‘The follicle mite can cause an inflammatory condition of the eyelids called demodex blepharitis.’
    • ‘The follicle mite is about 0.25 mm long, with a cigar-shaped body and 8 stubby legs.’
    • ‘As you can see, three minutes of thinking about follicle mites goes a long way, but you're done until next year.’
    • ‘Demodex is a hair follicle mite that appears on most dogs, but usually they fend it off.’
    • ‘Such small creatures include the human follicle mite which lives in the follicle of a human hair and is only 0.1mm.’
    • ‘Most of us, especially if you are an adult, carry follicle mites in our facial pores.’
    • ‘Every human on the planet has follicle mites, practically from the day they're born, and they never cause pain.’
    • ‘They don't burrow under the skin, like scabies mites or live in skin follicles, like skin follicle mites.’
    • ‘Hosler's latest comic stars Charles Darwin; in it, Darwin explains evolutionary theory to a tiny follicle mite living in his eyebrow.’
    • ‘Do you know that right now, at this second, hundreds of follicle mites are living beneath the hair of your eyelashes?’
    • ‘One microscopic animal, the follicle mite Demodex folliculorum, is also considered part of the normal flora.’
    • ‘The follicle mites are highly specialised and live in the hair follicles and sebaceous glands of mammals including man.’
    • ‘Hair follicle mites share a commensalistic relationship with humans in that they benefit from their association with humans, but the host is unharmed.’
    • ‘Hair follicle mites are a normal part of the human facial fauna.’